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December 19, 2009



I know what you mean - sometimes you just want to make lots of components trying out new techniques and you're not ready to make them into finished pieces. But then you have a great stash of components for when you ARE ready.

And I really like this kind of color treatment: it is rich but not garishly bright. Very nice!


That is absolutely gorgeous! I love the range of colors and the richness and depth. I think it's absolutely perfect. :-)

Vintage Pendants

It is looking incredible. From where you got it. I am feeling envy from you. Thank you for sharing !

Nike Shox Glamour SW

When I got it so that I was pleased with it, I heat-set it with the embossing gun (we sell them at the website) and then I finished it with Renaissance Wax to seal it. .

Happy new year by joy.

roseann del Angel

I love all your videos . Keep on doing what u do please it's very helpful.

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