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June 11, 2011


Shelley Whiting

I love the discs. The colors are bright and vibrant and I love the sparkles. It's beautiful and magical.


Would this cure under regular light bulb as the sun is in hiding?

Brenda Sue

No. You have to have UV light for the cure, so in this case you would need to purchase a light such as is used in nail salons. Many beauty supply shops carry them. Also, Lisa Pavelka makes one for Magic Glos, and it would work for Gel du Soleil, too. I believe the retail on one of those is 25-30.00. We don't carry them at this time. Sunlight really is the best cure for this resin!

sarah a hedges

I have some natural mica type stones that my brother is wanting a glossy finish on as well as the stone when picked up gets gold type dust off on fingers. would you suggest any products above for these type of stones? He is wanting some pendants make they are all natural and weird shaped not flat any input would be helpful.

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