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January 27, 2012


Hilary Frye

B'sue, I always enjoy reading your posts! Very insightful, generous, and caring!

cathy buckley cat's meow

I echo Hilary--really, you share so much wonderful, helpful info all the time. and I SWEAR you read my thoughts :0


Beautifully written, wise words! Thank you so much for being a mentor to the newbies out there, and a kick in the butt to us old timers! :-D


Many times I have heard the giver of advice be the one who needed to hear it the most. That is NOT the case here! You live by these words. Thank you for the heartfelt advice.

Hillary Courson

Your words could not have come at a better time! I need to hear, read and learn from your beautiful and wise words!

Dr Brassy

Lovely, very soul-searching and wise advice from a lady who really has "been there, done that, got the T-shirt AND the plaque".

When I began on Etsy, there was a lady doing evil eyes. She had her own way and we were doing the same, but totally different art. I messaged her and asked where she bought her eyes. She graciously sent me a link to her wholesaler. This was something she did not have to do, and indeed she may have been enriching her competition, had she thought of me that way. Thank goodness, she didn't. Well funny thing is, everybody on Etsy was using these same eyes. They are taxidermy eyes and they only come in about 6 colors. So I started making my own eyes in every color of the rainbow after seeing the monotony and expense of these other "wholesale" eyes. But- I did not forget my generous friend, who was so kind and offered up insider info when I was so bold to ask. So what did I do? Once I had completely about a month of R & D, I sent her photos of my hand-made eyes with explicit directions on how they were made and what I use. She now makes her own eyes that far outshine mine and I am thrilled for her!!! She made it her own and I call her a dear friend now. We regularly shout out each others work and I could not imagine not knowing her, or calling her friend. ~ Dr Brassy

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