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February 27, 2012


Brassy Steamington

Oh what's that feeling? It's the shopping bug. I feel some Swellegant coming on.

Dr Brassy


Looks fab! Especially the chains make me drool.

I actually looked at Sculpt Nouveau once upon a time and liked the pics I found (found a bookmark the other day, but had otherwise forgotten about it). So now you have me thinking maybe I should try Swellegant. Can't afford it now, though, but keeping my fingers crossed there'll be some extra money coming in sometime soon.

(Myself, I played with another fun patina yesterday: heating metal rubbed with peanut oil. Have only tried it on copper and bronze so far, but am curious about how it'll look on brass so hopefully I'll get around to trying that too soon.)

Brenda Sue

Oh Maneki, it will work on brass....I've done that. It's fun and looks great, but you do have to seal it. ;-) On the Swellegant: we have it set up so that you can buy just a couple of things and you do NOT have to buy the whole line. Later today I am going to post some good color combinations here on the blog, and we'll have those on the website soon, as well. You could buy just one metal coating, one patina, one dye oxide and play, and not even come close to 20.00. BTW, this line is diff than the new Ranger/Vintaj patinas that are coming out....more flex to them, more possibilities. In time, however, we will probably carry both lines, as everyone has their own personal likes/dislikes.


Oh wow, these have my fingers itching to go clicky on the "buy" button ... Especially the Tiffany Green, ohyes.

Tamara taylor

What happens if you put the cured patinia into acetone bath? I want to use resist coat and patina?

Bookkeeper Sunshine Coast

Thank you for sharing info about swellegant. It’s much more useful because it works in a lot of surfaces. Thank you for the tip because I’m definitely going to give it a try.

recoil springs

It is not an emergency; you should be taking advantage of this extra protection.


Well I had to do it! I bought the entire line of Swellegant patinas and metal coatings! :)

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