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April 20, 2012


Robin Delargy / LooLoo's Box Handcrafted Jewelry

Thanks for the 'shout out;, Brenda! You're right, the comments on that blog post are4 varied. I've even gotten an "EWWWWW!" Haha, I love it. :-)

Robin Delargy / LooLoo's Box Handcrafted Jewelry

Dang, can't edit. Don't type in the dark, Robin!


Oh, he's so cute! Nothing beats a cat pic. :D

Ok, I think my comment is going slightly OT, but your post made me think of who I blog and what it is that have generated readers and followers of it.

But first something else, a suggestion on the topic "what to write": there are all kinds of weekly collective blog what-should-I-call-it things like Bead Table Wednesday (created by Heather Powers of Humblebeads) and Macro Sunday (Lori of Waterstone Studio). Such weekly themes could be useful if looking for ideas for things to write or for people who need some motivation to blog regularly. Many blog I follow do either one or both of the above and that results in interesting posts with lots of eye candy. Others create their own weekly features like make-it monday, music monday, wordless wednesday etc.

I think blogging is all about finding out what works for you. If you like it, chances are others do too. Even if it feels like you yourself could be the only possible one to like it. If you do something because others do it that way it doesn't become as good. It can take sometime for find what is right, but it will happen. We are all different and that's the great thing about blogs: that diversity shows and makes them interesting.

Myself, I have two very different beading blogs and everything below is all about the one in English.

I once had a giveaway where I asked people to say something they liked about my blog. Not a serious survey on what they liked and disliked, just asking them to say one thing, big or small, that made them read the blog. Or, if visiting the blog for the first time, something they liked in that first encounter. It was a good way to get feedback from those who doesn't spontaniously compliment the things they like or those that rarely comment at all. It helped me understand why I had followers and what the blog's strong sides were.

One thing many of them mentioned was that they liked the photos and the mix of jewellery and landscape/flower pics. That included my banner which, I'm flattered to say, has gotten so many lovely compliments (it really is worth spending some time on that! Grabs new visitors' attention immediately!). Publishing tuts/how-tos and recipes as well as talking about the process behind the things I do (incl. failed experiments) was also something they enjoyed. Readers like the inspiration and eye candy, but also to actually learn something.

Tuts and recipes are also good ways to get new followers as you can have them featured on popular craft sites. ;-) Some find it themselves, others have a simple form to fill in in order to be featured. Just one tute can be enough to attract new visitors.

(On photos: one reason I rather read blogs that e.g. tweets is the pics. There's so many interesting persons to follow and stuff to read, but too little time to read everything. Like so many others today I scan rather than read -- and that means piccies catch my attention more than text [headlines excepted].)

Brenda Sue

All good stuff, Maneki and thanks for writing the reminders. Lori Anderson's new ebook is rich with visuals on the subject, just scroll back to my previous post plugging it and get the link so you can grab one. ;-)

Lori Anderson

Thanks for the comment, B'Sue! And can I just say I LOVE when my cat lies like that? I feel he's truly happy when he's sprawled out like that.

Brenda Sue

Oh believe me, this cat lies in the cradle of bliss. Most of his days are spent passed out on my back wall....which is fine, except when I need to pack an order or sort stampings to send out for plating!


Thank you for linking to Robin's post. It's hysterical. Mainly because it resembles our family conversations. I feel so much more normal now. :oD

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