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May 19, 2012


Lyn Gill

Looking forward to the video. I'm really wanting to try these markers myself, heard alot of good thing about them.

Erin Strother

these look really cool! Tons of possibilities!


I will get some. They are on my list of things to buy.


tell me about the embossing heat gun. Dont know what that really is?

Stacy Walden

I have a lot of playing to do. It is hard to decide between all of the different mediums that are available now!


This is so exciting! You know how I love Guilder's Paste, but sometimes it gunks up the fine details. Sharpies give me migraines, so non-toxic is fabulous. I know how much you care about health and chemicals, so thanks for looking out for us.

I'm thinking of using my "crafty" toaster oven to heat set these in batches. Seems easier that way.

One question. Do the pastels go on opaque or transparent?

Rosie Blumenthal

sounds interesting to me & would love to try them. How about on copper? I work mostly with polymer & paper & have lots of stuff waiting in the wings. I'm 83 so I have to think twice,(or 3x) before I order more "stuff!" love what you do!!


They are transparent, so they do not obscure the detail on the stampings. If anyone would like to see the embossing heat gun, go to bsueboutiques at YouTube and look up the Swellegant videos or any of the videos using colorization products as it's used alot. It's like a cone-shaped blow dryer, forced air, that comes out very HOT. Just a regular blow dryer is not hot enough. ;-)

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