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August 28, 2012



Perfect timing. Of course I don't even like to say the word "destash" since I am a borderline hoarder but you have given me some ideas on re-organizing so I can have like items together. A little bit of planning & organizing can go a long way. Thanks again

Michelle Mach

One thing that I've started doing is keeping a little notebook where I can keep a list of what I want to buy--and why. I make notes like "owl charms for back-to-school earrings for August craft show." Sometimes I even make little drawings. This has helped me with my stash problem of buying things and then not remembering why I needed them once they arrive!


Wow, I have certainly provided food for thought this week haven't I? I love how many wonderful suggestions you provided for organizing - it has never been my strong suit!

Jennifer Smith

My mess has managed to crawl from my messy workshop into the dining room. I've been sewing Halloween costumes and my sewing machine had to move out of the messy workshop to a new location. The messy workshop was too messy to sew in. As a result I haven't had time to do jewelry for a few weeks. It is a total disaster in there and school starts in a week so sewing is a priority now. So I have mucho messes everywhere!


Wow, I love your setup. Thanks for the organizing tips. I have so many beads that I bought without a project in mind. I need to figure out what goes together and what can be done with the stragglers. Thanks!


I have to clean up my messy workshop again. I haven't really been doing anything there but making a mess of stuff I'm buying.


All the findings have been so well assorted. Thanks for sharing. After cleaning our mind, I believe the originally useless things could also be made into full usage. :)


"overwhelmed, and suffering from overload and overstimulation"... you hit that nail on the head! Thanks for the clarification (I had this personal revelation recently, but always appreciate confirmation thru others). Now to decide~ what to destash for the bead group and what to keep.... decisions, decisions. Thanks for a great post, Brenda Sue. A wealth of wisdom you are. xox


Another thing to keep in mind, as well as "losing money" - having a focus on your work and the room to create it is PRICELESS!

I find that a lot of the extra stash makes me feel guilty for not using it, it clogs up my studio, and that stifles my creativity. The boost I get from letting things go can often be exactly what I need to get creating again, and no amount of money can buy that. :-)

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