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April 23, 2016


Susan Bowerman

Great post...in whatever color! I, too turned off the news. I didn't watch one bit of the coverage this time. I hate it when any life is dissected. Let the dear soul rest in peace. Are we not all works in progress? Nice tribute, Brenda. Hugs! And yes, I too have tossed some Cosmos seeds in the garden and they brought me joy, too.


Thanks for leaving a comment, Susan. I need some funky music, but not this funky mood! It feels good to write about it! That's what blogs are for....

Marcia Tuzzolino

It was wonderful seeing all the purples you'very done, Brenda. It is my second favorite color, after the pinks! There are so many shades of purple, and they go with so many other colors of the spectrum. Thanks for sharing your "Color Purple ".


Great blog B'Sue, loved your pieces and the stories that came with them!

Donna Parry

I am awake in the middle of the nite again. Really enjoyed your blog. We share so many memories. It's wonderful you have documented your work with pictures. I really enjoyed seeing them. I remember your beautiful gardens through the years. One in particular was made of black eyed Susan's. I share your love of purple cosmos. Let's plant some this year. X

Chris Kemp

Great post Brenda. It was interesting to hear how purple has woven itself in and out of your life.
Purple always reminds me of my dear Mom. Her name was Lydia, which was Greek and meant The Sellar of Purple she'd tell people.
At which point she would always strike a regal pose.
She will forever lovingly be connected to purple for me.

Brenda Sue

Lydia is a Bible figure not only known as a seller of purple....which made her quite wealthy...but also known for her great hospitality. I have often thought of her example and how I wished I could be more like her. Thanks for sharing your story about your Mom. I would have loved to have seen that regal pose!

Carole Carlson

Purple was my favorite beading color for years. Then it was overtaken by green, followed by all the rest of the colors, so now I don't have a favorite, because I love them all.

Janet Calardo

Loved seeing previous creations. Your blog inspires me to get moving! Need to get some of that purple mojo started! Thanks for a great blog post!


thank you for reminiscing on the color purple. there are some lovely pieces here along with the sweet sentiments.

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