I began my journey with 20.00 and a baby on my, a purveryor of parts, a nurturer of creativity, and 100% supporter of all things handmade. Life is limited only by your imagination....and your imagination is boundless. Check us out at We have everything to feed your need for mixed media, vintage and assemblage/collage jewelry supplies, as well as basic supplies for metal working.


I LOVE to make jewelry! I started out in the late 80's as an antiques dealer specializing in vintage jewelry....but by the early 90's I was designing my own with 500 store accounts! In time, however, I found it much more gratifying to share the things I had learned and continue the creative journey with others who wanted to make jewelry, too, so in 1997 B'sue Boutiques appeared for the first time on the internet. Check out our instructional videos at, just punch in bsueboutiques into the search box. You can keep up with us via our weekly newsletter, too, where customer questions are answered, new stock is discussed along with a restock list, interesting tips I've picked up as well as other inspiration for your creativity. Just sign up in the box at the bottom of the homepage at, give it a try, you can unsub anytime if you need to and just keep up with us on the blog....or come back later!