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June 09, 2011



I truly like you B'sue, you are full of common sense, something a lot of people do not have. I also like your sense of humor in your videos, you don't take yourself too serious. glad i found you Ruth


I think that the point you make here is very important and sometimes forgotten. Yes, we should avoid harmful substances as much as possible, not using them in excess when uncalled for -- there are many endocrine disruptors in products we use every day -- but we also have to focus on the big picture by removing the biggest threats first and not just be alarmed by labels such as carciongens. That doesn't mean one shouldn't care, but perhaps there are other things to eliminate which would have a significant effect on your health while giving up, say, ren. wax would be a drop in the ocean. It's easy to get caught up and focus too much on just single products when we are in reality exposed from so many different sources.

As you say, it's all about paying attention to levels and respect safety instructions. I often think of ways to minimize my use of chemicals, not only because I'm concerned about my health, but it saves money in the long run and means less environmental impacts during production. And, of cause, I try to see if there are greener options as use them when possible (that includes an organic veg. alternative to ren. wax actually).

The biggest threats are always the products you don't known contains potentially harmful substances and even more so, the products you wouldn't guess would contain as certain carcinogen. The same people that stop using ren wax when they heard about the benzene traces probably still expose themselves to much worse chemicals and high levels of carcinogens every day -- from products they've chosen themselves! Knowledge is the key. Knowledge about what a product contains, knowledge about safety, knowledge about "safe" levels and knowledge about alternatives. I think that's one of the most important things we can do in our community, reseach and share info about chemicals, unknown hazards and green alternatives.

beader/jewellery maker with a BA in Environmental Sciences

Jenny Smith

It's interesting about the watches. So many women died from exposure while painting the faces of the watches. They used a paint to make the numbers glow in the dark. The women would put the bristles in their mouths to wet them to a sharp point when they were painting therefore injesting the paint. It was radioactive paint and many women died from it.


Well said!!! I'm one of those people who does my best to use green/non-toxic products at all times...I do know sometimes this just isn't possible. I'm careful/concerned not for myself as I'm always careful with my exposures to what I work with...but for my customers...I wouldn't want to use a product that would be harmful to the wearer!
When I first heard of Ren Wax I checked it out but wasn't 100% satisfied with what I was told...probably because it wasn't a definite "no it isn't toxic, but it is food grade" I wasn't sure what that actually meant?

Pearls post helped to put it in perspective as does this post...

I will use Ren Wax, but as you say let it air for up to a week...having said that I will continue to look for a "non-toxic" alternative! I would like to know more about the organic veg. alternative to Ren Wax that Maneki talks about? I think I will leave a comment on her blog...

Thank you for taking the time to write this post...

Brenda Sue Lansdowne

You can also use Turtle Wax, like you use on your car, instead of Renwax. I doubt that it's non toxic, but it is a microcrystalline wax and it does indeed work---have tried it. I swear by Renwax, but admittedly, it's not something I am using constantly. An organic alternative is always great, especially if you do find you need a product like this on an every day basis. I have to admit: I have not been in love with the 'endurance' results of most non-toxic products. We've been having a lively discussion about non-toxic glues at Facebook. So many of the non-tox glues aren't waterproof, no matter how strong they are. Some have been experimenting with Weldbond; I just bought a small case and will have a look. We carry Crafter's Pick The Ultimate already, and I think Weldbond is going to end up being a similar product. Crafter's Pick takes several days to set up but once you let it cure for a week or two is very solid. I would not, however, use it for rings or bracelets or anything bearing weight.

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