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July 28, 2011



Great info B'sue! I must read that book!

Jenny Smith

I went to Blogger and was all ready to start a blog and got the the title, name for the blog and drew a BIG BLANK. I know it is silly, but I just couldn't think of anything and wasn't sure if I should use the name of my shop as the title...suggestions??? Should I come up with a creative title/name?

Brenda Sue Lansdowne

It is a really good thing to use your shop name for your blog. I should have done something that incorporated B'sue Boutiques, maybe. But something cute is always appealing to....it just needs to lead back to you!

Jonnie Weeks

Well B'sue, I think that you are going to be just the kick I needed! I've been dragging my heels about starting a blog, (mostly because I'm afraid I won't be able to generate enough content) but I think I'm finally ready to jump in! :^D Now I've just got to decide where to set it up...Blogger? Blogspot? ...Hmmmm...

Anyway, thanks for the inspiration! ♥


I was cruising on my phone and made sure to send myself your link so when I got on the computer I could find you... but know I don't remember how I got here in the first place, LOL!! Glad I did though!!
Off to see your FB Page!!
I have one too at - http://www.facebook.com/ByYourSide2009
My blog is - http://michele-byyourside.blogspot.com/
Would LOVE to see you there!
~Michele of By Your Side

Web development and design services

Its always good to have your business name as your website name. But yea when you are going to target a bigger market then you need to look for marketing services as well to promote your business, any ways its really a useful and informative post. Thank for sharing it.

Cory Tompkins

Hi B'sue, I just found you through Handmadology and LoVe your site!! I have already read about 10 posts and see many more I need to read. Love your kitty too (my Cotton is also very helpful when I am creating jewelry)!

I wanted to ask a question about Blogging...what is proper etiquette for linking to someone elses post or "using" their post on your own Blog to share with your readers? I know you would want to give credit to the writer and link to the original post but would you ask first, need permission, just use parts of a post? Any info would be much appreciated by a fairly new blogger!!


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