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September 24, 2011



oh I am SOOO with you in hating change. Every time I turn around, "they" have gone and changed something. As for google+, I'm there. People keep adding me (which is nice of them) but I have no idea what I'm supposed to do, or when I'm expected to do it. Likewise, people keep following me on pinterest and stumble - even though I have hardly used them so there is nothing for them to follow. I just want to knit - what a shame all this stuff is necessary too!

Monique Lula

I completely agree. It is very frustrating! But from what I have read and experienced (with google+) is that Facebook actually made these changes after G+ launched and added features *similar* to Google+! I love FB, and maybe I do not use it as much as others but do not get the upset over their new features. Learning curves are never fun, but such is life. I have a G+ account too, but do not have time to hang out on them all.

I just don't get people saying they are going to "move" to G+ because FB made changes. Because don't think G+ will not make changes also, upgrades. As technology advances, things get better and they upgrade. This will never stop.

But hey I am still missing the little happy world that was AOL in 1996. LOL... but for the record, Google + is cool too. I just don't get all the dislike for FB upgrading a couple things. I can't keep up with the internet, or the chatter! ha ha


I agree with you on everything, it's the big T, TECHNOLOGY, it's for the young. Not saying we can't learn, it just takes us longer. I bet nobody under 30 did any complaining about the changes, to them newer is better. I have gotten use to the new FB already and must say there are parts of it I like better. Time is always the big thing we don't seem to have enough of. I think that as you get older "they" subtract minutes from our day, and don't tell us. LOL what else is there to do?

Kathy Noda

I don't think that FB changes are necessarily for our good. I think they benefit snoops from marketing companies and people involved in identity theft. Worse yet our "webs of trust" are constantly being compromised. I want to see someone's friends if I am being friended! I want to control what they see. (I could go on and on.)
I can hardly wait to get back to when respect of privacy is a treasured attribute on social networks!

Leslie Todd

I hate having to learn the new FB system. In the long run maybe I will prefer it...or not. Too soon to tell. In the meantime I do enjoy interacting on Facebook.


I think with technology making us produce faster, we have less time to make personal connections. Luckily FB can provide us a community of creative people quickly and very easy to reach. As humans, we like comfort, and change can be very stressful. Especially change that is not within our control. It is guaranteed that we should expect changes about every 6 mo. Technology doesn't rest. What is popular today, may be totally different in 6-12 months. You have to learn to adapt or live without. Like it or not. Better to be accepting and adapting like a river, than to be the stones below that are beaten by the flow.


I'm feeling wordy tonight. Another thing with social media. It's time consuming! Besides spending time learning the changes, there is the time we spend on it in general; surfing copious amounts of information (unhealty) and looking for inspiration. We get to a point where we start comparing ourselves to others (unhealty) and wondering if our own personal style is good enough. Don't let your computer be a family, friends, studio time-suck. Limit yourself, even if it means setting a timer on your desk. And never second guess your authenticity. You do what's right for you. Let your style shine through!

Brenda Sue Lansdowne

Hilary is right.....FB can be a void that drains us of our creativity. Limits must be set. As I'm here in the office a lot of the day tending to tasks, I have it up, flipping screens between it, my blog, Etsy, my website, and my AOL email. I'm on FB alot....or it looks that way. The thing is, when the tasks are done in the office....do I linger? IT HAPPENS. And can be such a waste of time. It's hard to achieve that balance.

And I would also agree with Hilary: don't ever let work you see on the internet make you think your work must be:
a. at that level
b. of that ilk
c. in a style that doesn't appeal to you.

We report trends here and trends are important. The fact that you might work outside of a trend---be it, in an old style to bring it back, or in a new way no one has tried---does not mean your things are invalid. WE WANT to see new things.

Or...old things done new ways.

You can be a beginner who started last week and have something important to share.

SO SHARE! And don't sweat the Facebook stuff!

Monique Lula

To be honest the social networking thing, while great for biz and contacts online, it really has made me want to get out there and start doing the flea markets. LOL. I am stuck at home with toddler right now, but this is my plan for the future. To make contacts OFFline, but get them online and continue to connect there. I think that will be great! Can you tell I've been stuck at home too long? ha ha

Silver Jewelry

in an old style to bring it back, or in a new way no one has tried---does not mean your things are invalid. WE WANT to see new things.

Timberland Boot Store

It's great to hear from you and see what you've been up to. In your blog I feel your enthusiasm for life. thank you.

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