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October 14, 2011


Lynn Bennett

ooooooo...Meep...I just bought 2 bezel cuff bracelets and may have to steal your idea too!

Terri Wlaschin

Loving all of it, especially the Meep. How do I become a member of the Creative Group. Would love to participate.


LOVE them both, so very fun!


What a gorgeous necklace you made!
Really love the look you gave it.

Diana P.

Wow! I never considered using sari silk that way! You are tempting me.... And thanks so much for hosting this swap!


Brenda...your pieces are absolutely beautiful, just as you are! Thank you for encouraging to "Think Outsdie the Box", "Blog's" and "Blog Hop's"! Thank you, also, for sharing...video's, knowledge and wisdom. Thank you for all that you do! {{{HUGS}}}

Meeps...reminds me of children playing in their Mom's jewelry...lovely piece Meeps! ;o)


Very unique design and absolutely beautiful! Love the colors! Meep did well too!

Pam Chesbro

Thanks for hosting our blog hop. Your design, as usual, is just gorgeous and sure to be an attention getter! Love that toggle. Thanks Meep for participating. My furry roomie, Simon, likes to roll on the floor and play with the ribbon but he's not interested in WEARING it or posing handsomely for pics.

Heather Goldsmith

Cool uses of the sari ribbon. My pieces are kind of half finished, due to stuff going on with my hubby. So, I am getting them up to share on my blog, but I will be late. I've checked out just a couple, but will take a proper look tomorrow when I upload my own pieces. Sorry for the delay, everyone. ;-)

Brenda Sue Lansdowne

Davinia, I hope you see this...your pieces were GREAT but I keep getting error messages on your blog and I don't see any other comments, either, so perhaps others are struggling. Just know I have visited and am so thrilled that you took part. Everyone, don't forget: post your pix to http://www.flickr.com/groups/bsueboutiques/ B'sue Boutiques Creative Group, too, if you can!

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This ribbons are looks good, this post very unique, this designs are looks good...

Sonya Stille

Your necklace is really beautiful. Love the colors. Thanks so much for hosting this blog hop. You have really inspired me to continue to get outside my box. You are so encouraging and it is appreciated. This really was a challenge for me and although I was frustrated at times I am ready for the next challenge. Hopping over to all the other blogs is so much fun!

Jennifer L Justman

Brenda, that necklace is amazing! Very cool! And I just love the bracelet... and Meep, well done, what a fabulous piece ;)

Susan Kennedy

Fabulous! Kitty loves it too!


I love your design. And of course Meep's piece is wonderful. He really sets it off. Sorry I missed out getting in on the fun. Will watch for another one.

Erin Prais-Hintz

Very inventive and fun, Miss B'Sue! I love the way you stitched the flowers and that you also showed us the behind the scenes magic (sometimes it isn't so magical, is it?). Meep looks lovely in the silks. They look great on everyone!
Enjoy the day!


Both pieces are so opulent and gorgeous and Meep looks adorable! Thank you so much for hosting the party.

ruth crawford

The necklace is fabulous I love it. I watched the video and loved the nests but couldn't quite put them in a "sentence". Thanks for hosting the blog, it was great fun. Tell Meep he did a great job!

Michelle H

Your necklace is fabulous! Meep's came out pretty good too. Thanks for hosting the hop for us :)

Harry W Wood

Experience with the material shows through in your wonderfully rich piece. True to your style even with a vastly different medium.

Cynthia Wainscott

I love it Brendita, what a Fab necklace!the style, the materials and the colors are just magnificent! I was thinking to make roses too so in a way we are conected! lol, you are always so creative, so much to learn from you!, thank you for visiting my blog and commenting love you tons!!!! xox

Georgene Lockwood

I just have to learn how to make those fabric roses. And you, you take them to new heights. Such color! Such interesting design elements.

Thank you SO MUCH for hosting this event. Made me push myself and combine two techniques I've been thinking about for a long time but never got to. Deadlines are GOOD! Thanks again.

Account Deleted

Oh my B'sue! How beautiful is your piece!! gawgeous! Meep looks pretty too :)


Thank you so much for doing this blog hop! Probably forgot to say that in my blog post. I ended up with much less time than I thought I'd have, but I still had a lot of fun working with and getting to know a new material. (And so did the kitties...)

Your necklace feels very vibrant and unique. I like those roses/nests. The cuff is lovely. Great way of framing it in an unexpected way. It's almost like a ring of fire there. Beautiful resin collage in the focal of it as well. Very inspiring!

Meep is so cute! His necklace is very pretty too. And how useful to make jewellery that also can double as a toy. Not that cats don't see *all* jewellery as toys sometimes...

And now I'm going to make this one of my usual long comments again... You mentioned the ribbon flower in your comment on my blog. I've learned how to make ribbon flowers mainly from one of Helen Gibb's books. Check them out at helengibb.com -- she also has ribbon flower kits (including jewellery kits), supplies etc. The book I've got, "The Secrets to Fashioning Ribbon Flowers", is out of print so it's hard to find in book shops, but she have copies left in her store.

I looked through my bookmarks to see if I could find instructions for the continuous u-gather technique (Gibb's name for it) online, but I mostly found tuts for other flowers. The closest one, however, I found in the poppy instructions at Offray: http://www.offray.com/73.html (My ribbon was about 1 inch wide and each of the five petals is 2 inches long: the length is important as it determines the final look of the petals.)

Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp

WOW! I never knew you could do all that with Sari!! Just amazing! Thanks for letting me play along!


Gorgeous Statement..the focal area is a party on your chest.

Hope you have another hop and that I am not toooo late to try.

Brenda Sue Lansdowne

We will definitely have another hop. I think from everyone's comments, they are having a great time. So I've been thinking about it. I think we should have one in January, and this time, focus on polymer clay. I think it will be the Polymer Clay Bead Party Hop! Because it really does feel like a party, doesn't it?

Patrice Pfeiffer

Thanks for doing the blog hop! This is my very first blog hop. you can imagine my thrill when I actually had 15 comments on my blog! Wow...I am just attempting to use all the social networking, blogs, internet to market my little clay things..I'm a long way from finished, but learning something new all the time. I will definately (may havve already) join the Creative Group and post some things there. See you around!

Patrice Pfeiffer

oh...and I WANT your necklace! The colors are stunning and right up my alley!

Michelle Buettner

Your necklace ROCKS! I wish I could have caught this in time to participate - I love Sari Silk!

Your designs are beautiful - and the kitty is adorable!!

I'm heading out now to check out all the particpants and their super cool designs!


This is just uplifting! You are an amazing designer! I don't know which piece I love more---and they are so unique as well as pretty, Meep's too of course! He is so sweet. You totally blew me away!
jean xox

Sonya Stille

After having read thru at least have of the blogs today, I have learned a few things. I think this is a good thing, but feel I must apologize to you. I should have mentioned your our wonderful hostess in my blog. I also learned that it is a good idea to list the rules of the challenge. I am going to do a short blog post about it. Although I have been playing with making jewelry for a while I still feel like such a newbie in so MANY ways. Thanks again for helping us all to grow. I also want to know if when you order the sari ribbon can you specify the colors or is it just random? I have seen so many beautiful colors today and have been so inspired.


Brenda, your piece is just so impressive! Those ribbon nests are amazing, what a great idea! Thanks for letting me play, and for your reassurances this morning when I was so clueless! I really enjoyed this hop. Thanks again for a great blog hop idea!


Thanks so much for being our hostess. The necklace you made is lovely, as always!! I LOVE the toggle!!! I can't wait to try something like that!! The flowers are beautiful, and the spool beads are really fun! This has been a great blog hop...I picked up several new techniques to try, and lots of inspiration.

Janice Everett

Brenda - thank you so much for planning and organizing the blog hop - and what a fantastic idea it was to play with the Sari ribbon. I have to say your original post with pictures of Meep pulled me in first though ;) (and Meep's design is simply fabulous) - and your design...well now that is a lot of fun colors with multiple layers and a tremendous amount of work and details - LOVE it :) - I really enjoyed participating in your Party and look forward to the next one - thanks for the opportunity to play with your Sari ribbon - it was so much fun to get out of the bag and just think of SO many design possibilities. I can understand why Meep is partial to playing with them ;) Thanks again for all your hard work! ~J-Lynn

Catherine Jeltes

Very rustic eclectic necklace design! Love the Boho feel. And the cuff...well, 'tis a beauty!



Seems that a lot of people have tried to leave comments on my blog: DaviniaDesign.com/Blog…

Due to an incompatible plug-in, all attempts to leave comments were blocked with an error.
It infact seemed so odd, that no one of this spendid blog-hop group had left me a comment!
I’m sorry if this caused you any inconvenience.


Brenda Sue Lansdowne

Davinia, I tried again and I hope others will, too: here is Davinia's link: http://www.daviniadesign.com/?p=1533 It looks like the problem may have been corrected. Be sure to come to the B'sue Boutiques Creative Group and post your pix there, too. All you need to do is join....yesterday about 18 members. How awesome is that? And be sure to go to the Group and click on the discussion about the next challenge!

Michelle Mach

Love the idea of creating "nests" with the ribbon. I'll need to go back and watch your video.

Thank you so much for hosting! This was a fun hop and such a good creative challenge for me. I'm not sure if I'm best friends with sari ribbon yet, but at least we're on speaking terms now! :)


B'sue! Your necklace is so joyful and such a festive celebration of sari. I like all the color and texture. The nest idea...very cool! I'm so glad you found love for fiber in jewelry...it truly is fun to experiment with. And you made it extra special mixed media style with the polymer clay toggle. Excellent design!
I laughed reading about Meep. I think he wants his necklace back on!

Cathie Carroll

Your first piece is over the top gorgeous!
I love that toggle. Thank you so much for putting this together, what a lot of fun and inspiration.



Finishing Up on my visiting, saved you for last. :) I want to say "Thank You" very much for hosting such an enjoyable hop. I like to take my time, and visit each blog, look around and leave a comment, and this hop was just perfect for that. Everyone's work was just so high on the bar!
I just love all the color of the different Sari's that you used-those nests are such a great creative idea- I just love them...I already have an idea I want to try with the nests and my leftover Sari. The spool beads are great too. Your necklace is an all around Fabu mixed media piece with alittle bit of everything-...Oh and Meep is really rocking that pendant!!
Thank You For All You Do-

xo Liz


Oh My, your necklace is off the charts. The design is just....WOW! Looks like Meep has some of your design talent. He's so lucky to have a teacher like you.
I'm sorry I missed this. I know I posted in one of your posts that "I'm in." No worries. Maybe next time.

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