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October 16, 2011


Robin Delargy / LooLoo's Box Handcrafted Jewelry

OK, OK... time to get over my fear of polymer clay! Will granite work as well as marble? I have a large hunk left over from my kitchen counters. As for the rest, well, I have most of the tools already from working with PMC. Guess I just need a toaster oven... and some clay. :-)

Michelle H

Congratulations to the winners of the hop!!! I loved every single piece made by every single participant. This was such a wonderful hop. Thanks again B'Sue for hosting! I can't wait for the polymer clay coming up in January.

Deb Bee

Congrats to the hop winners. I know you will have a great time with the things from B'Sue.
Yes, B'Sue thanks for hosting the hop. It was fun and I still have people to go see. Guess I had better stock up on some tools so let me know when you get those cheapy tools in that you were talking about, B'Sue. If I feel better, I will order them.

Jenny Smith

I'm having fun with the poly clay thanks to you. I've made enough beads to start my own store! Just have to find a great way to use them all now. It is just so fun to mix the clay and make such pretty beads. I love the memory wire as well!


Oh, Brenda, thanks for the giftie! I am thrilled! You have such great stuff in your shop, which I recently discovered due to the Sari Ribbon Blog Hop. I discovered the hop due to Michelle Mach and her blog hops. It's amazing how this has come together for me, motivating me to create and now I get free stuff! Life is good! Please let me know how to proceed. Thanks again, for the hop and the gift cert!


Congrats To Janice, Jennifer and Mary !! Have fun on your shopping trips to B'Sue's!! :) Thanks again B'Sue for a very fun hop!! I just want to take a sec to let everyone know that there is no fear to be had surrounding Polymer Clay-I promise you will not only find it fun but a very relaxing outlet to just get lost in and let your creativity run free... So dive in!! And enjoy!!


I love polymer clay. I've been working with it since I was seven or eight, and it's one of my favourites. I'm having trouble getting it locally right now, as my Michael's (the only craft store I can get to, as I'm dependent on transit) doesn't always seem to carry it and keeps changing the location in the store. If I manage to get some in time, I may well join in the next blog hop, though.

Brenda Sue Lansdowne

Finny, we carry polymer clay at B'sue Boutiques, and we have a flat shipping fee of only 3.95, any size order up to 100.00 and then, after that....we ship free if you're in the US. With the price of gas being what it is, it would cost you close to that to go to the store and back. You can shop with us 24/7 and pick up what you need at great prices!

Oh....and if your order is 100.00 not only do we ship free in the States....we take 10 percent off. Wow!

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