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March 26, 2012


Lyn Gill

Great article Sue & I agree completely. I always think about the original artist of a piece of jewelry, I want to do justice to their art. I only every re-purpose a piece as a last resort myself. Sad so much vintage jewelry has been lost in this way. My Grandmother collected vintage brooch's that I admired from childhood, to me they were treasure! I found out later she sold them at a yard sale without my knowledge for $.50 I was crushed. I hope someone knew what they bought. I hope more people will join this viewpoint.

Joan Williams

I have a pretty good collection of vintage jewelry and some of the pieces would be great to use in new styles if I was willing to cut them up - but I've come to realize that in many cases, they're more valuable as little pieces of history than they would be to satisfy a current trend.
I've become more and more interested in the historical aspect of vintage jewelry from reading what B'Sue has been saying and through my own research.
I will still repurpose old jewelry from time to time, but only if they are truly salvage pieces or can be attached in a way that doesn't ruin them, for instance, by wiring instead of gluing.

Mystic Gyspy Designs

I have repurposed many pieces over the years, but have never taken anything apart that was intact, just to use for my creations. I'm glad that you bring this up in both your blogs, and on YouTube. I make a point to mention in all my listings, that only pieces that no longer function as originally created, are used in my designs. Many pieces of my vintage collection tempt me, but I have instead used them as color and design inspirations!

vintage wedding bands

Great vintage jewelry for the perfect special event of your life. A piece from the past for a great future.


I think it's fine to reintroduce vintage jewelry in a different way. I have taken old earrings and taken off the backs and made them into necklaces. They are beautiful and folks are wearing them again vs. having them sit in a jewelry box gathering dust. Folks don't like pinchy earrings. I'm not saying I would feel comfortable reusing a piece of jewelry that's super old or that is expensive. I do think we are still using it for good however by showing it in a new light. Same with taking old clocks/watches apart. They don't work anymore and people just have them tucked away or in jewelry boxes. Does not make sense to me. Bring it out and give it some love. I'm not speaking of "artifacts" of course.


I always say, if it's your jewelry, you can do whatever you want with it. I'm not saying that you should never reuse something. I am saying, KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE before you do. If you tear down a valuable brooch to paste on a cuff you could only get 50-60.00 for in your dreams....and then find out the brooch you destroyed was worth 500.00....how would you feel? And how would you look to those in the know? More people are in the know than you imagine. ;-) And that 500.00 back in your pocket would have surely gone a long way toward getting you things you could really use. Please don't just go willy nilly through a pile of old pieces without knowing a thing about what you have. They are not random crafts components unless maybe they are broken beyond repair. Perhaps too many read these posts too fast and don't get the point. It's all about KNOWING first. ;-)

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