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March 23, 2012


Brassy Steamington

I probably picked up my first crayon at age 1 or 2. But I am 100% sure there were many things done with that crayon (some that required medical assistance) preemptively to the crayon hitting paper. This most likely included walls, my crib, my diaper (do not ask), my nose, my ears and that's as much as I can share without embarrassing myself.

Crayons were something to be manipulated (little blooming Steampunk that I was). The melted crayon was magic in my eyes, the rainbow crayons that Mom made from the little bits and pieces of broken ones that I looked at with tears just an hour before, were much coveted. Crayons in silly putty, crayons put into candles, crayons that smelled like candy, crayons that were made for coloring on the walls in the bathtub.

-Oh the joy of crayons.

~ Dr Brassy

Brenda Sue

My yes.....don't they use melted crayons in encaustic work? I'll have to get my book down....When Jordan took the class w Linda and Opie last May they used melted crayons. Ah, that distinctive smell!

Candy W.

I don't remember when I first picked up a crayon, but do remember at about age 6-7 the wonderful realization that you can do shading, by the pressure you applied. It was like getting more colors with one crayon. ...The other memory I have, not sure what age, but it's when I learned how to take scraps of crayon, like those left over from sharpening your crayon and placing them between two sheets of waxed paper. Ironing the sheets of waxed paper and getting really neat designs and colors :)


I had a sky blue metal lunch box filled with crayons! Or... crayon parts really. One year my son melted crayons all over his Pinewood Derby car and named it the Vomit Comet - it won Judge's Favorite AND came in 3rd place! Ahhh... ~~T

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