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March 24, 2012



Well I won't even have to try for this one. If there was a prize for messiest space I'd probably win it :-)


Oh la la, I think I'll join in on this one, sounds like fun~! I'm trying to drag two of my friends into this as well ...

Brenda Sue

Sandra and Kim, thanks for your interest. I have you on the list, Kim! Sandra, get in touch with me by private messaging Brenda Sue Lansdowne at Facebook, or by emailing me through the B'sue Boutiques website at http://www.bsueboutiques.com


At the moment the bead room I share with my sis is so messy I'd be ashamed of showing it (it's beyond mess at the moment as my sis has just thrown as sorts of things in the room and then never get around to tidy it up and there are big plants still overwintering there -- the room looks partially like a colourful landfill or a paper-rock-and-cloth amoeba threatening to engulf my carefully guarded -- managable -- creative chaos!)

As I mentioned on another blog where mess and workspace was mentioned this weekend, sharing space -- especially with your sis -- can have its definite ups and downs...

Cheri Reed

sent my infor to private message on facebook..

Kelli Jacobson

LOL Both spaces I work in are messy! I don't like complete neatness and orginization - I prefer what I coined "organized mess" - I know which direction I tossed it in! LOL When I organize things too much around the house, then I can't find them when I go to look for them! LOL Would love to join the hop, will PM you on FB! =)


Oh I'm in. Anything to win one of those awesome MUSE boxes. I just love them. Here's my link and I posted about the messy workshop blog hop. I think it will be fun!


Mary Govaars

Oh I would love to play and boy do I have a busy desk full of works-in-progress. My email is [email protected]

My blog is www.mlhjewelrydesigns.com

Marlene Cupo

Want to join, just so I can show DH I am not the only one with a creative side!!!!!

Pine Ridge Treasures (Lisa Lodge)

I'd love to play. My workspace is my kitchen table. My hubby and I have had to eat in the Living Room with plates balanced on our laps for over a year!


Finally, a blog hop right up my alley. I would love to play. As long as you promise not to send my post to Hoarders.



I would love to join up on this hop! I'm a little confused about what you mean, about the link. My blog is up and running and the link I'll give you will work-- is that all you need? Or do you need me to give you the link for the post, even though it's not time for it yet?

Count me in. If you need something else from me, please let me know! http://beautifullywhimsical.blogspot.com *~*

susan lloyd

hi, would love to join! tried to find your email address but couldn't so I hope it is good to put it all here.
designs by susan
susan lloyd


Hi Susan,

Great! just a couple of things:

You will need to come back for the list of participants as this needs to be copied into the end of your blog post for the 27th. The full completed list will be available on April 25th at Facebook at the Messy Workshop Blog Hop Event Page: http://www.facebook.com/events/206554609450877/

OR come back to my blog, bsueboutiques.typepad.com on April 25th (Wednesday before the hop ) and get it.

Its critical that everyone remember to get the list and copy it into the end of their post as that is what makes the hop. Many do know this as they've been in other hops, but many dont, so I have to make a big deal out of it so they know how bad we need them to do this.

So, if that sounds okay to you, just confirm by sending your URL for your blog back to me here at [email protected] with your full name and youll be put right on the list, and then just remember the list is closed by the 25th so if something changes I need to know from you before then. Once the list is published on the 25th I can't add or take off.



I've long said I was only a few layers away from being an episode of Hoarders, (w/o the human feces & mummified animals) so I guess this is right up my alley. On my way to sending you the email info


While I doubt it'd be possible for me to join in the fun*, I'll try to see if I can't at least visit some of the bloggers participating. Feels like it could be both fun and interesting to see where (and how) others work!

* = Eventhough my sis eventually did clean up that horrible mess... And I even have a few pics, taken after being inspired by this post. Not sure I'll be home/have time and would feel guilty if not being able to visit everyone.


LOL - this will be fun, count me in!


All the Pretty Things


You will need to come back for the list of participants as this needs to be copied into the end of your blog post for the 27th. The full completed list will be available on April 25th at Facebook at the Messy Workshop Blog Hop .

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