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April 27, 2012


Linzi Alford

HI Brenda- happy to be participating! ~waves~ on the way to go hopping!


This is just TOO fun! On to the next workshop I go....


I love seeing all the goodies in your workshop Brenda! A girl could go nuts with all that creative hootenany to play with. Happy blog hopping! Warmly, Tracy


HA! I got you beat in the messy department...I didn't even show the messy drawers!


Its going to take me a while to get through this hop. Only been to about 5 blogs so far but I'm slowly going to work my way through each and every one of them.

Pine Ridge Treasures (Lisa Lodge)

What a fun hop! Thanks for hosting. Can't wait to see everyone's work spaces. Love the polymer clay art charms.


Uh oh, now I'm going to have to get dimple pliers! Happy Hop Day!

Lori Anderson

I love the pliers caddy, and I think I have all of the ones you have and then some! I'm really interested in what those dimple pliers do.

Kim Dworak

I have plier envy now lol. This has been fun and I just love seeing all of your goodies!


I want to see what's in the bags. Too fun.


Love this! Thanks so much, B'Sue, for setting this up and for forcing (ok, strongly encouraging) me to finally start a blog!

Tamara Jones

Loving the Art charms. I'll come back and watch the video later today when I get through all the blogs. Hopping off I go.


Well, have had a GREAT time seeing most of everyone's places and spaces where they create! Thanks so much B'Sue for this GREAT hop!

Jennifer L Justman

Thank you again for this hop, B'sue! You are an inspiration :) Love your "mess", at least we can see the creativity blossoming :)

Mary Shannon Hicks

What a fun, messy place your workshop is! I love love love everything about it! Keep on with your fun sensibility and go-for-it attitude. I think you make us all try things we would be afraid to try if we didn't see you trying them with abandon. You are a wild woman, Miss Brenda Sue!

Lyn Gill

Wow 50! I'll give it a try...lol! Love the art charms by the way!

Sandra / Skye

Your 'mess' is my 'clean' .. seriously. Three minutes after I clean up, that is what I'm working with... you want a mess, check out mine... now THAT is a mess ;) lol

Charissa Sloper

Thank you so much for putting this blog hop together! Thank you for also sharing your mess with us :) I love the patinas you've been working with!

Georgene Lockwood

Well, I did it and I can't take it back! Thanks for hosting this. It was fun. Looking at my own photos I see some things I need to attend to...later. First I have to go see everyone ELSE'S MESS!


Thanks for hosting - I've been hopping here and there throughout the day and here's what I've learned about myself...
I am fairly neat
I do NOT have enough beads
I like seeing where/how others work
some of these people neeeed me ;) To think there were actually empty little storage chests... whole chests! How I'd like to sort through their wares... let me count the ways! ~~T

Ginger B

I wanted to stop by and thank you for hosting this. I only found your shop when you opened this hop up for participants. Now that I've finished hopping I feel so blessed to have a space to create however messy, to be welcomed into so many artists homes and creative sanctuaries, to find all your great video resources and to now have time to shop till I drop at your shop. Thanks!

Kelli Jacobson

You really are truly blessed to have the space you do! I would love that much space! But, I agree, what I have works. =) I like being able to create wherever I need to be! =)

Love the art charms! My favorite is the one with the embellishment plaque at 11:30. And yes, I did watch the video where you did the tissue decopauge art charms - those are awesome, and I so want to do some of those!!!

And I think your play day with the Polymer Clay came out great!!! And thanks for the little play you did with the clay and textures and pearls! Need to get me some of that pearl stuff! I wonder if they have like a sampler pack or if it's all singles... Anyhoo... It's giving me a lot of ideas!!!

Heck, most of your video gave me some good ideas!!! It was great seeing your mess. It's nice to know that not everything has to be neat and orderly to have something awesome come out of it!

I really enjoyed your video, as always!!! =) Thanks so much for this Messy Workshop Blog Hop! You were my first stop and I can't wait to go see more! =)

Kris Lanae Binsfeld

Brenda, thanks so much for hosting this amazing blog hop! I soooooo want to come play in your workshop!! I am excited to watch the video! As I was reading your post, I was wondering what dimple pliers do! Can't wait to watch!! Thanks! Kris

Pamela Takeshige

Thanks for the Blog Hop. I started at the bottom and have worked up to you. I left comments with just about everybody except a couple where I could not make it work...

Thanks for all the ideas. It has been an education. I need to get thinking. Your polymer clay charms are charming. I would love to order something but I don't know what... just a beginner in this side of things. I am at sea....

Pamela Takeshige

I want to make a plier caddy. With holes drilled for the ends. I saw that in one of the blogs. Great idea. Never lose them again!!

Also, I saw an email from you about a blog link. Fine with me, but what do I put for your link?


Brenda, thank you for being our hostess, and thank you for always being so generous with your talent and time. It has been fun to get to know these other creative people, and to see that their spaces look eerily similar to mine!! XOX.

Sonya Stille

This blog hop has been such fun...I am about half way through...what amazing messes! Love it! Thanks for sharing your ideas and videos with us, it has really inspired me. I am not sure if I missed the polymer clay hop or if you did not do it...but would love to do one. Thanks again.
Hugs, Sonya


My bead workspace got so messy it was dismantled during my time with my broken back so I didn't participate but I am enjoying hopping. Love your Stuff! I am putting my studio back together now...returning to beading soon!

Cindy Cima Edwards

You have lots of cool items on your desk - your Polymer clay art charms look wonderful!


I was sad that I could not do a blog post to participate but I am going to work my way through and comment as best I can. Inspiration comes in all forms and from so many varied places. I have been looking forward to this.
I will start by watching your new video.
Thank you so much for organizing this hop and introducing me to some wonderful new crafters, artists, and FUN people.

A Facebook User

I think the Messy Workshop Blog Hop was a good reminder that creativity is not limited. Art can happen anywhere, with limited space, limited supplies, limited funds, etc. Sometimes, these so called 'limitations' are what spurs the ingenuity to create wondrous things out of the mundane. Whether we have a little or a lot, we can express our artistic selves, and that is a very good thing!

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