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April 30, 2012


Shelley turner

So I guess you'd love my mocha beads...made with coffee grinds!!!

Candy W.

Hahahaha...Love how you put things B'sue!


I guess I never grew up because try as I might, I just can't get used to the flavor of coffee. How come it doesn't taste like it smells? Plus, when I have tried it my heart feels like it's coming out of my chest. But I can drink Diet Coke all day long - go figure!
I do like your mug collection!


Love that awesome stamp ... and coffee of course! =)

Kelli Jacobson

Ahhhh, gotta love Joe! =) Loved seeing all your cups, especially the one from Cleveland! =) I was born and raised 26+ years in a suburb of Cleveland right by the airport. Loved it and miss it terribly! =)

And you know... you are really making me want a cuppa Joe right now! LOL Perhaps tomorrow I shall fire the ole coffee maker up! =) I know where I will be on Saturday though! At Starbucks for my free cup of Birthday Joe!!! =) Depending on my mood it will either be a Venti White Chocolate Mocha or a Venti Mocha Frappuccino! =)


I am sitting in the parking lot at works this a.m. and drinking my 2 cups of joe.

Brenda Sue

@Shelley Turner, I'd love to see those mocha grinds beads....send us a URL so we can see!


Quite a mug collection going there! love it! Coffee is simply pure joy :)

Melissa Latimer

I collect vintage creamers. A match made in heaven!

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