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April 28, 2012



The other thing I noticed besides plastic storage bins - dogs and cats. Lots of dogs and cats.

Brenda Sue

Yes indeed....we all seem to have mascots. Sometimes, the mascots were in the storage bins!


I hopped so much that day I had to verify myself with my phone because I had unusual activity lol


I am about 3/4 of the way through now, and yes dogs, cats and plastic bins. It's been a blast and I feel much better now about my mess!

Brassy Steamington

Congrats Creative Moon! aka "The Voice". Can't wait to see what Kelli makes with her muse box.

So excited to see mine as well.

~ Brassy

Candy W.

Yea! Congrats to you both!

Kelli Jacobson

OMG!!! Wow, I don't know what to say!!! LOL Thank you SOOOoooo MUCH!!!!

Look what happens... I leave to go to my Mother and Father In-Law's to continue helping them move, and all this excitement happens!!!

Ack!!! I'm over the Moon!!! LOL The good feelings just aren't stopping! LOL That's a good thing!

And yes, I totally agree about the plastic bins! We should all buy stock in plastic! LOL Speaking of plastic - got one of my new storage bins in today! =) It's smaller than I imagined, but, that's a good thing, I can use it to store the tiny things and use the bigger ones for the bigger beads and stuff!

Oh my gosh... I am soooo going to need even more storage now with that Muse Box! LOL Have some great ideas for storage though thanks to this hop!

Speaking of hop... I need to get hopping! I did a little bit last night when I got back from the International Gem & Jewelry Show, did a bit this morning before we left, and now that we are back, going to do a bit more, then probably finish up any remaining hopping that I don't get to tonight, tomorrow! =) I'm having way to much fun with this hop!

Congrats to Dr. Brassy on winning the other Muse Box!!! And, ROFL, thanks for the coined moniker "The Voice" LOL Love it!!! =) Can't wait to see what we create with all the goodies! =)


Congratulations, you lucky ladies! You'll be so busy with all your new loot!
I too noticed all the plastic and all the animals! I also noticed people who had the same problems as I do: that would be animals sleeping on the workspace! Or sticking their nosey noses into bead boxes.


Congratulations you guys! ROFL at the post. B'Sue thank you for a fun hop.
I also noticed the bins, and realized, I definitely need more pliers and that bracelet sizing cone thingy.
Cats and dogs too, funny how we have them.


Hope you show us your creations from all that awesome loot!

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