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May 29, 2012


Janine Fowler

wow! I'm so pleased for you. This is a huge deal! I hope i'm as successful as you and work just as hard to achieve this. You are such an inspiration to me. You really are. Yay for you! :-)


This is very exciting. I will even make the trip from Baltimore once you get settled in. Would love to meet everyone. Sounds like God was smiling on you and your business. I have to agree with Janine you are my inspiration.



I would LOVE to be able to do that - congrats! When something that perfect comes along you know it's meant to be - so happy for you!


I think it is delightful. This is a future dream of mine, too. You are going to have so much fun decorating!!


Good luck in your new shop. The teaching classes will be so great!


That's wonderful!! While I enjoy working from home and having my babies with me, I'd REALLY love a separate space to work too! This place is gorgeous and how lucky are you to be able to get some of those great pieces that were there.

Brassy Steamington

This is going to be perfect for you and I bet you will feel right at home in no time. Classes, a gift shop, lots of room that is all yours and a place for people to come visit you. It could not be better and the place looks so cute Goldilocks would be happy living there. Be sure to do lots of video and take photos. We want to be with you every step of the way! New Website, New Shop, New Year for Bsue!

Diane Valasek

I can't wait to come and be one of your students! I am so happy for you and your staff. This place looks so warm and welcoming, I can't imagine anyplace better!

Trudy Dimowitz-Murray

Brenda Sue! An adorable fairy tale cottage. Lots of light and airy - what a great move. Since I have kitties, I know how they feel about change. But they're tough buggers and they'll do it.....complaining and whining, but they will. So many congratulations on this wonderful change in your lives. Enjoy!

Melissa Latimer

This is just wonderful, and I can't think of anyone who deserves it more! Congratulations!


I've always been a fan of your findings and great teaching tutorials online. I'm also from Ohio, and was wondering if you will be selling your findings in your shop? Also, where is it located? Congratulations!


We will have all of our stock there, but the store space is mainly just to house our mail order business. I will have classes there eventually at intervals and there will be a small gift shop to be open 3-4 days a week. I am still not real sure what we will offer to the public at the place as it's primarily a 'house' for our mail order business....but I'm happy to hear your input! If you want to come and see us, our grand opening should be in October!


WOW! That's GREAT and what a cute place!!! Congratulations!!! I bet the kitties will adjust just fine. They'll have all sorts of new nooks 'n crannies to explore.

Karyn B

So exciting! Congrats!

Grace Acosta

Girl, you are living my DREAM! You are so lucky I don't live near you, or you'd never be able to get rid of me. :-)

I am so very happy for you, and I look forward to every update. Have fun!


Congratolatios! the place lloks beautifull I am sure will like to come and visit the new place...


Wow! Congratulations ma'am Brenda! Cheers for the new Bsue boutique and more favors to come along the way! If I'll be given the time to travel in the US, my first stop will be in Ohio where you are. Love to meet you! It's a joy to be able to hear everything about Bsue boutique every step of the way.


I am so happy for you Brenda Sue! You so deserve this new bright spot. And what a cute shop it is. It just seems like it was meant to be just for you! Now I could stop by and see you if I am ever by your area. We are not too far from each other. I am here in Bloomington, IN. I am just thrilled for you and after 24 years of hard work I don't know anyone else who deserves it more! Congrats!

Anna Marie Nearbin

This is sooo very wonderful for you, Brenda! What a great, beautiful place this will be, with plenty of room for you to create lovely treasures! I am happy for you!


Great news, Brenda Sue! The move will give you a fresh perspective on all parts of your business and will make each part stronger. Plus think of all the stuff you'll find as you move! We're all very interested in watching this fascinating process, so thanks for keeping us posted.

Jae at Jdreamer Studio

Hi, Brenda Sue, I've just started to make jewelry and was watching You Tube one night about four months ago and ran across one of your videos. I immediately went to your Website and felt like I was in Wonderland. Your stampings and products are the style I have loved my whole life, and I dearly love your creativity. Since then, I have watched all of your videos and read everything you had to say. I feel like I know you, so please include me as part of your family (except that I have dogs; I rescue them). If possible, I'll visit your new shop when it's up and running. Wish I could just go in and choose from all of your stampings and buy them right on the spot though. Bet lots of us would. Looking forward to seeing more photos of your new place. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you.


Wow! What an incredible find that building is!
I'm very excited for you and am looking forward to watching the changes happen and seeing that happy look on your face in the videos.
Woohooo! What a ride this is going to be!

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