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June 03, 2013


Terry Matuszyk

I'm constantly struggling with trying to find time to finish the things I WANT to do...but the things I HAVE to do always get in the way. Yesterday, I was able to finish two pair of earrings...nothing special....but I felt good about them. Thanks for helping me to feel OK about all of this ♥


You're a continual inspiration. Thank you! :-)

Patty Kruger

A big THANK YOU for inspiring me and teaching me through your videos and comments on a daily basis!!! Hugs!



Joan Williams

It's 10:00 p.m. and I just said to my husband "I have to go make at least one pair of earrings - I never get anything done!" And then I sat down and read your post - how appropriate! I do beat myself up a lot about not being more prolific, or because there are so many techniques I haven't mastered yet - but looking back as you said, I realize that I am still growing and learning all the time - and that's what it's all about! I do appreciate how you challenge and encourage us all - thanks!


I am so proud of you, you're living my dream!

One thing about being chronically ill, is that it really narrows your focus, and makes you evaluate exactly what you can and cannot do. What is really important in your day? I figure if I get my daughter on the bus on time in the morning, and fix her dinner in the evening, and she knows I love her more than the world, then everything else is gravy.

I am SO grateful for my life, and for every little thing that I can do. With relapses, you never know when that will be taken away, so you can't take anything for granted.

A wise rabbi, many centuries ago asked "Who is rich?" and in typical Jewish manner he answered himself "One who is satisfied with what he has."

Amen to that!


What an inspiring post! Everything you do...write, create, work, share, blog, and more always comes from your heart. All of us are striving to create, grow, succeed...and you are the best role model I have ever known!
I LOVE the way you have changed the shop since I saw it last December. It invites more than a lovely retail experience...it is an invitation to be inspired, to learn, to enjoy, to have fun, to stay awhile.
I can't wait till I can come back to visit again!




I just now saw this post when I linked to a different one from Facebook! It was soooo good to read this. I have been in a funk and feeling like, not only do I have unfinished pieces (many), but I need to make a project for a remote class that I just can't seem to get started, and then all these other ideas rolling around in my head for New pieces. One step at a time. STARTING TODAY! :-)

Your shop is a little far for me, or I'd be there in a heartbeat just to visit, or take a class, or shop, or all of the above. Thank you!

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