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November 21, 2013


beanzie cat

So cute! Love it! Had a nice time!

Lori Meyer

Best.virtual.party.ever! Every day I am so thankful for this creative group of kindhearted people sharing their art! You all are an inspiration! ...and a special thank you to Brenda Sue for creating this space for us ♥ Already looking forward to our next party!

Amy Jorgensen

It was fun, and great to get to know everyone a little better!
Thanks, B'Sue!


Had a great time last night! Woo Hoo!

Tanya Tellefsen Van Beeck

So much fun!


Sorry to have missed this wax making candles xx

Laurie Vyselaar

You sure know how to throw a party! I love all he cakes and party hats! Glad the pets made it too! I went to work with chocolate still on my face!

Kellee Mitchell

The parties are always fun! And so thankful to be a part of such a wonderful and supportive group! <3

Pamela Anger

What a wonderful party it was! So happy to have such wonderful friends here to have such a great time with! :)

Mary Reckmeyer

So much fun to let loose and celebrate

Rain Dropps

What a fun time and a fun group!


I missed the party :(
I was babysitting my little friend, I introduced him to American Pickers. The kid loves junk as much as I do...his mother is going to kill me! LOL!


Caught the beginning of the bash, what a wonderful group of people you have collected Brenda, many congratulations!

Susan Bowerman

As Tina Turner would say, "Simply the best!"

Kat BarronMiller

Excellent party great caterer and everyone dressed to the 9's!


Couldn't stay long, but it was great!!!!!! Loved all the photos!

Nan McDonald

That party was lots of fun! Can't wait until the next one. Ok, now back to business. ;0)

Sue Kelly

It was a great party!!

Pat Jones

Enjoyed " watching" the party! As a wallflower from way back I thought this was great fun:) looking forward to the next one!

Kim Henry

Dang - I missed it -- looks like a good time was had by all!

Kathy Bell

I had so much fun hanging with you guys! My family was wanting to know what I was laughing about so I got to share you bunch with them, too. It really was great!


I had fun at the party.

Pamela Lea

You are awesome, Brenda Sue! it was so fun. I couldn't keep up!

Lisa Liddy

I'm glad I managed to get in a little time with the west coast time difference. Lots of fun to see the food pics and the people pics!


It was a great party! I had so much fun!!!! :)

Ingrid Anderson

Lots of fun and didn't feel guilty about eating too much cake!

Catherine Shattuck

WOO HOO! One last chance for a prize! Had so much fun at the cyber party posting silly pics, pretty dresses, delicious cakes, puppy dog tails and cute kitty pics! Thanks, Brenda! :D

Jann Tague

Had fun last night at the Cyber Party .. Brenda you really know how to get things going what a blast .. music .. food .. wine .. beautiful clothes .. even party animals .. The cakes were beautiful .. Thanks again Brenda for the fun ..

Rita Randazzo

A night to remember! Viva 1,500 members, whooo hoooo!

Joan Williams

I wasn't able to attend - no internet :( - but it looks like a great time was had by all! Congrats on reaching another milestone!

marlene strait

Shucks, I missed it!!! Just had so many things to get done that I forgot about it. Brain dead, don't say it, I know. Glad everyone had a great time.
Hope everyone has a great and thankful Thanksgiving.

Coral Law

I missed the party. What a pity. Hope to win the MINI-MUSE.

arleen geller

As i say, crafty women know how to throw a wonderful party. Thanks B, for all u do to promote our creative side. Luved u pic that u just posted in this recap.

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