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December 07, 2013


Terry Matuszyk

Awww, Brenda, this brought tears to my eyes. The subject is near and dear because I got my two kitties in a similar situation. Their human mommy loved them very much, but she could not keep them anymore. So we stepped in to give them a new home, and we love them very much. I'm sure Catherine will be the same way....Meep will love his new home. XOX

Janet Wilson

Brenda, what a sweet and loving blog post about Meep. So glad to know he is good hands!

Cindy McMurray

Brenda, I know how you love Meep, so much so you thought of him first. That is the real test of love.

linda caudle

Oh Brenda, my heart is breaking for you as I try and type this thru tear stained eyes. I know that was a very hard thing to let him go. But it looks like you found Meep a great new family to love him. Sending hugs.


We all got to know & love Meep but like Cindy said you put him first and now he has company


Oh my goodness! When I first started reading your blog, I thought you had to put him down! Thank goodness he was just going to a new home! He's a beautiful cat and I'm sure Catherine will love him just as much as you do! AND you can always visit! :)


My dearest Brenda, I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes as I read this. But I just want to fill you in on Meep's journey. At first he meowed quietly for a bit but finally calmed down. He was such a good boy. You'd be proud of him, Brenda. He didn't hiss or bite or anything like that. We just took turns sitting with him in the back seat of the car, petting and talking to him.

He finally calmed down and seemed to enjoy laying in the comfort of the carrier with his blankie. Soon I even let him out of the carrier. He decided to sit next to me and let me pet him. Meep finally fell asleep for a bit and then he actually acted a little hungry, so I gave him a few of the treats you gave us. He gobbled them up! :) I was glad b/c that meant he felt better and wasn't so nervous anymore. He stayed out of the carrier the rest of the way home. :)

We arrived home safely about 6:30 this evening. We stopped a few times to see if you would take care of business. NOPE! He wouldn't budge out of the carrier. LOL!! By the way, he handled being on the leash like he'd done it all his life. :D

When we got home, the first thing I did was take him to the litter box we had set up before we left to head down there. Still nothing. That's ok, Meepie! I also put the carrier there with his blanket in it along with some food and water. At first he laid in the litter box and all you could see were those big eyes. :)

We left him alone and after awhile I peeked in on him. He wasn't in the litter box anymore. I got a little nervous and wondered if he'd gotten passed us and was hiding somewhere. As it was, he had climbed back into the carrier and is asleep in there now. Poor guy, he's had a long day for sure!

Brenda, you must know, not that we don't already love him, but that you will have always loved him best, because you loved him first. And you can call him to talk to him any time you want, ok? Maybe tomorrow before our meeting, I'll get some good pix of him and share them with you. We will do our best to take good care of him. <3 BIG HUGS AND KISSES, Brenda Sue!

Love you my dear Sis!

Catherine and Everett

Me Again

* OOPS! To see if he'd take care of business


Debbie Beechy

I see from this post that Meep has found a wonderful home.

Dr Brassy

Ok I am crying like a child over here. I know Meep has been rehomed to the very best place possible and will get all the love, attention and talking that one Maine Coon can handle. You made the best choice for Meep Brenda. Sometimes, when you love someone, you have to let them go, for them to be happy. It's the most giving, gracious act of love imaginable. And to Catherine, to open up your home to an older cat makes you worthy of the utmost praise. You my dear are an Earth Angel.


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