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February 26, 2014


Dr Brassy

Things of Quality have no Fear of Time... I think I might borrow that sometime. I love that saying and it speaks of the people on the Design Team and Brenda Sue's legacy jewelry work.


Great post! I'm starting up a jewelry shop and struggle with these questions of quality every day. Tough decisions to make when you are trying to save money, but I totally agree --- I can't bring myself to sell something that I know isn't well made or wouldn't be something I'd wear myself. And I also appreciate your note about letting designs you're not happy with sit for a while. I've spent hours agonizing over a design that just isn't right, only to leave it alone for a few days, forget about it, and then suddenly, totally by accident, the answer comes up and I find I've created something I LOVE. Sound advice and nice to know it happens to you as well :)


Love this post and I'm going to share it!

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It's amazing !! I like pearl jewelry very much. Blue pearl necklace looking very cute.


An excellent post. I recently attended a private wedding. The bride wore casual attire and a necklace with a gorgeous stone that was wire wrapped. I was a bit put out. This was my very best friend and wearing a piece of jewelry made by someone else. Later, when we had a chance to talk, I took a closer look at the piece and lo and behold, it was one of the first pieces I ever made, back in 1998! My style has changed much but the quality of the stone and the piece itself had stood a test of time. I felt much better.

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