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November 18, 2014


Nike Bottalico

I am very interested in participating, have a blog, am sketching items, and pinning like crazy. I still have not found a definite style and would love this challenge to help me find where I need to go. This is a huge jumping off the board for me! I so appreciate the opportunity!

Pamela Anger, Novegatti Designs

I'm also looking forward to this challenge! I've wanted to have a blog for awhile, and while setting one up scares me a little, I think once it is ready, I'll be fine! I have ideas for lines ... now just to finesse it to something workable. Thank you for this opportunity to help us grow as artists!

Gina Hockett

I am so excited about this challenge. I too feel like I need to define my "style". So appreciative of your time, expertise, and generosity to help us work towards that self-supporting goal. This is such an important growth step towards that goal.


As someone who has just stuck a toe into the jewelry making world, and hasn't a clue how far I might want to go with it, this is a challenge I will watch with interest.Sharing on my FB page for you. Best of luck to all the challengers!

frances grisafi forestier

What a great opportunity! Although Ive been making jewelry for quiet some time, its been mostly Swarovski crystal beaded items. Since joining the creative design group my mind is definetly expanding to styles I have always wanted to make using metals. The only thing is its has come at a time when funds are limited...I did start collecting Antique jewelry and glass in 2009. I havent got my niche yet but Im still watching and learning...Thank You for your video's and I will look forward to see what others do in this challenge! Good Luck all!


I'm really looking forward to this. I really need to focus more.

Cindy Peterson

I am making beads to get redy for January

Valerie Taloni

I've been playing around with creating jewelry for 20+ years, but it wasn't until I came across Brenda Sue that I discovered a type of jewelry that really makes my heart sing when I create it.

I think I may be part way there in terms of discovering my true style: at an art show I participated in last week, a friend of mine said, "All this jewelry is so Valerie." But I love trying out all different things and having to stick to a line feels confining.

I am not into blogging at all, but will comply with a hidden blog on my website just for this challenge.

I must admit, this challenge feels ... very challenging! Looking forward.

Erin Prais-Hintz

This is such a great idea, Miss Brenda, and a wonderful way for you to be a mentor and share your expertise with the larger community! I have always struggled with a cohesive style because I get bored and I like to do too many things. Time is always a factor for me and what I want to do and what I can do never seem to get in sync. I am intrigued and will give it some thought and if nothing else I will look forward to seeing what all your crazy talented participants will do with this challenge. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world! Enjoy the day. Erin

Sue Shade

This is such a fabulous idea. It will stretch me beyond anything I am comfortable with doing. But I want to try to see where I can get to with this challenge. Success for me will be judged by what I learn and how I grow. Thank you B'sue for the Challenge.

Tammy Adams

I've been making jewelry in a haphazard way for years, following various shiny distractions here and there. I've spent a lot of time this year trying to figure out what to call my style. I think part of the reason I can't figure it out is because I haven't focused on a cohesive theme. This sounds like the kind of "boot camp" experience I need to finally find my voice.

Ingrid Anderson

Looking forward to the challenge. I am a more one of a kind designer so this will be new for me to try to create something unique but cohesive.

Amy Jorgensen

I'm in! I am looking forward to it, and will get a blog set up soon. Thanks for doing this, BSue!

Diana Redlin

What a great challenge.
I have questions. I hope this is the place for them. These are just to start, I'm sure I will have more.......
Are we allowed to use vintage? Could we use it as a "limited edition" maybe with the colors traveling through lots of 'special edition' 5 piece lines?
Are we allowed to use polymer clay? or resin? would resin be considered a prominent, visible piece from your site? would polymer clay even though you don't carry it? If you have a certain piece but it isn't normally available would that be ok to use....what if all people want the same items but you only can get a few or we find out at some point that the item is no longer available?
How many colors do you recommend in a palette for making a cohesive line? Do you have suggestions about those colors..say..a anchoring color or colors or a one off color? What if a color just isn't working? What if the line is just not working?
Any suggestions for what the 5 piece line should be? Five necklaces, five bracelets vs. one necklace, one bracelet and 3 earrings etc.
Thanks so much for your time,

Brenda Sue

Diana....if you are a member of the B'sue Boutiques Creative Group we have been discussing many of your concerns there and you can ask questions there. Also there are two more posts about the challenge in this blog that answer even more of your questions. You can use anything you want along w a focal from our place. All participants should have an alternate idea in case some one already has theirs. Sign up is Jan 8 to 12 only. You should be thinking...who will buy this line? Who would be my key customer? How hard would it be to reproduce? Because that's what a line is. It's not one of a kinds, it would be things that not only help to establish your look as an artist but would be things you could repeat if you wanted to. You can use vintage but you would have to be careful how, since you might not be able to get that look in a second piece. In the long run its your choice what you do....I will provide limited guidance there as I want you to take the basics and think it out. So I won't be telling any individual that your idea won't work. I will say the less fussy and complicated your design, the more on track you'll be. The challenge was announced some time ago so many have been gathering parts and checking what they have already. But what makes it easy is that this is also a prototype line, five pieces, only one of each piece. Needs to be made even if you would like to make more later. Keys to remember are reproductivity, customer appeal, and a look that is cohesive and unique to you.

Diana Redlin

Thank you Brenda Sue for answering my questions :}
I knew the answers may have been answered in the facebook pages but I have not become a member of fb. It is a very, very confusing place for me. So I will only be a onlooker for your challenge. And that is so nice of you to allow people to do that.
All the best,

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