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November 12, 2014


Tammie Everly

I would love to win this book. Unexpected Findings is right up my alley, as I often try and stretch myself to use the quirky and unusual in my creations. Thanks for the opportunity!

Marilyn Ostrow

Looks interesting!

Kim Thibodeaux

I, too, would love to win this book. Michelle is correct in that you are an inspiration to us all Brenda and we thank you for that.

Debbie Loveless

I have been so blessed to have located B'sue . If this is a book she recommends then I know I would love it. I have loved learning and sharing ...

Marcia Tuzzolino

This is wonderful, and I would Love to win a copy of Michelle's book!

Linda Marino

I would LOVE the book! I make jewelry from the unexpected and I love to read!

Sharon Jenkins

Ooh, oooh, ooh, I would so love to win this book. Keeping my fingers crossed ...

Shari James

I have seen reviews of her book and also saw her on TV or was it on line. Anyway her book sounds wonderful! I would to win it. Thank you!

Bea Morris

An ideal Christmas present for !!!! ME!!!! Winning it would make the prettiest gift wrap. Thanks Michelle and B'sue.

Sandra McGriff

I've had this book in my shopping cart at Amazon twice now... the first time it lost out on being purchased because I was in a wire working mood and so set it aside to focus on that. The second time I spotted my credit card bill before I sent the order and so... out it came again >.< I've regretted not getting it a few times now, so would love a chance to win copy :)

Carol Evans

Cool ideas and inspiration from very talented and innovative artists. Would love a copy:)

Cyndi Nason

What a wonderful edition this will be to any bead lover's library!


What a great giveaway! I am sharing it on Pinterest

Nancy Madrick

I have been coveting this book since I first saw it for pre-order. Would love to win it!

Donna Zattau

WOW..........B'Sue and Michelle Mach. A faboo combo if ever there was one and I can always use more ideas on how to use some of those brass "thingies" that I always seem to "just have to have". I even have some of the really old (90's) brass scarabs and such that I "just had to have" even then.
Throw my comment into the pot please. Donna Z

Linda Caudle

Would love to win a copy of Unexpected Finding by Michelle Mach. I stopped by Barnes & Noble today to browse thru the books as I needed a little time to destress and the book store does that for me. I picked this book out of many that where on the shelf and glanced thru it and new instantly that it had to be added to my wish list.....so crossin my finger that I am the lucky winner on Friday.

Ne Cultice

What a wonderful giftie someone will get, Brenda you are so generous~! I'm sharing the newsletter now...lets get the group to 2000~! xXx

Teresa Fox Wallace

This book looks SUPER!!! I want one!!!! LOL EVERYONE wants a copy!!!!! YAY!

Cathy Chlebana

If Brenda says this book is a must have, it is certainly worth having. I might just add it to my Christmas list.


I love your newsletters. I'm always excited to see what you are working on. Love your jewelry!


Very interesting! This books looks like one that should be in one's jewelry book collection!


Oh, to be even 1/100th as talented as artists like Michelle and B'sue :) Thank you all for sharing your designs with us.

Gretchen Bandy

I'm a reader for sure - would love to read this one!

Janet Calardo

What a great deal ! Would love to have a book to inspire new creations when I go through all the bits and bobs that I am sure we all have collected. Love inspirational jewelry books!

A Facebook User

I would love to add this to my jewelry library. There is no end to your generosity, B'Sue!

Sally Miller Hindley

Oh the possibilities! Being artistic since I can remember and now also working on my genealogy, I have been pursuing ways to combine both of my passions. This book looks very intriguing for that end. Thank you Brenda....since I discovered your videos I've been immersed in your ambiance of fantastical illusions of beauty.

Julie McKee

So excited! Can't wait to win this book!!

Susan LaCroix

I anxiously await your newsletters and videos because you're such a wonderful teacher. I have to admit though, a book with instructions would help immensely!

Harry W Wood

This looks like a great book.


Ooooh I love to play with findings, beads and wire to make unusual goodies. I am always looking for ways to change-up my jewellery. Would love to win this book and your lovely offer of goodies to learn some new tricks and share them.
Thanks sue

Sherry Woods Russell

I saw a short video that Michelle did for this book and I WANT to own it! What clever ideas she comes up with!!!

Patt Wuest

This looks like a great book. I'm just a beginner so I know this book would be a great help. Love the B'Sue group, so much information.

Pamela Anger

This looks like a wonderful book by Michelle ... and of course Brenda Sue is an inspiration to many! I'd love to win this book!

Catherine Shattuck

Pick me, pick me! LOL!! Can you tell I'd love to peek inside Michelle's book? :)

Margaret Hannum

Have always gotten inspired by Michelle Mach's work in magazines & books. Love B'Sue's tutorials and components.
Looking forward to Michelle Mach's book. It would be a blessing to win it.

Pat Langley

This book is just what I need. I love to include found objects in my jewelry, but I'm getting stale!

Marilyn Lynskey

I keep reading your blog because you act and teach like a real person and not a "professional" that look down on us that just learn and do for our own sanity

D.J. Maskell

Of course I would LOVE to win this book. Soaking up ideas and letting them regerminate in my head is my specialty! And it sounds like Michelle is just that kind of gal. And may I say, that being able to share a site that everyone feels like my next door neighbor, is very precious in this world of I,I, I and me, me, me. Thanks B'Sue! You are our grand matriarch!

Jennifer LaVite

I would love to win a copy of this fabulous book. Thanks to B'Sue for the opportunity and the informative emails that she sends. I look forward every week to see what is new and to be inspired by the beautiful pieces that are featured.

Nike Bottalico

I would love to win a copy of this book! Thanks for the opportunity! Thanks for all you do!

Kendra Tornheim

I am super excited about this book -- it's already on my holiday wishlist! But B'Sue goodies as well would be even more excellent. :-)

Sandie Ballard

I adore reading and am interested in learning some new techniques that may be in this book! Thank you for the opportunity!


Thank you for the opportunity. This book looks like a great inspiration for looking at components in a new way as an impetus to more unique jewelry design.

Bev Sprague

I am new at this, and sure could use this book. Love B'sue's and can't wait to start some more projects for the holidays.

Deb Floros

I have been "eyeing" this book for awhile! Love Michelle and her talent!

Karen Crain

Every since I discovered Bonnie and her generous sharing of techniques and using so many different finding in unique ways I have been hoooked so any book she cares about enough to back and give away I want and a goodie bag too! 💜

Crystal Rister

I would love this!!! I am learning so much, and with this I could get a jump ahead at creating with findings in such fun ways.


I would love to win a copy of this book (and possibly some other goodies;) ). It's so much fun to find unexpected uses for different objects and this book looks like it would be a great jumping off point for that. Thanks for the chance to win and for everything else that you do... you are an inspiration.

Karla Taylor

As they say where there is one book there will be more when a person is filled with inspiration. Good on you Michelle Mach. If there is one bit of advice my top mentors can give anyone especially you, remember - risky is the NEW safe!! So good on you for putting yourself on the line and making this book happen. It will serve many in their approach to making new projects happen. Thumbs up to you! ;)

Angie Etheridge

I am sure I would love the book. I have begun making jewelry as a result of video's done by b'sueboutique.

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