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December 08, 2014


Jann Tague

Getting excited for the next 3 month challenge in 2015 .. I have my jewelry line all figured out .. this is going to be so much fun ..

Nike Bottalico

great blog and my mind is a whirling! I hope I can figure out what to do!

Marica Zammit

Oh this is REALLY tempting me! lol Before you announced the challenge I had already made lots of plans for 2015.

This year I've really neglected my other online businesses (non-jewelry related) and I really need to revamp those in 2015 PLUS I was already thinking of opening 2 (yes 2 not 1) lol other shops on Etsy for my finished jewelry. One of these will have a line and I've already decided what it will be.

So not sure whether I'd have the time for this. I think what I'm going to do is on the 8th of Jan send you a message with details of the line that I've already decided on. But if someone messages you before me with the same idea, I will just have to follow the challenge and not participate.

Brenda I have two questions. About the blog, can I blog about this challenge on my artisan beads website? I really don't have time to start another blog just for this challenge. And another question ... What date do we need to start showing the B'Sue stampings/findings that we'll be using? Just asking because I need to make sure that I order them in time to arrive here - me being in Europe!

Either way I'm really looking forward to this and will be promoting the challenge as much as I can.

Thanks for doing this Brenda!

Elizabeth Hildreth

Whoa! I didn't realize that we needed to have a set thing in mind so early into the process. I was sort of hoping to get some more information and guidance before choosing a path. *runs off to look for thinking cap*

PS: Very excited to participate in this challenge. :-)

Elizabeth Owens Dwy

I have been so excited for this since you first announced the it! I have my line concept all set and cannot wait to start...I have to get going on re-vamping my blog... It is in the midst of remodeling now and this will be great for me because it will give me the push to start devoting the time to my blog that I truly want to... :)


Marica, I responded to you by email but quickly, you just need to have a functioning blog that you can use for the challenge, so you do not need another one. What you have is fine! As per the blog post above, the 'reveal' of what you will be doing is the blog hop, so far tentative date of that is Jan 23, for now please mark your calendar for that. If you do not have everything you need just then, you may show photos which you have my permission to capture from the site or use a piece you already have even if you don't have enough to do your whole project. ARTISTS SKETCHES also work very well. It will mostly be YOU telling about YOUR IDEAS and what you will be doing, which as per the post here, will already be approved by me between Jan 8 and 12. The blog badge will be ready soon. Elizabeth: I am providing basic ideas everday at the creative group, but think about it: If I told everyone what they should do or how to craft their line, where's the challenge, right? This time, I want to see what YOU come up with and where YOU take it. I'm not going to tell anyone that they don't have a viable idea. ;-) Who am I to say, right? You may have something off the charts! During the rest of this month, however, I will be blogging more about it and I will have a list of basic things that I can think of that might be jumping off places for you. SO: 1. you do not need all your materials to brainstorm your line, just need to know you WILL be able to get them to do your prototype line sometime during the three month process 2. You can use the blogs you already have! No problem 3. Don't share your ideas with anyone yet but it's for YOU to brainstorm. Checking out currently successful lines at Etsy, in the stores, anywhere jewelry is sold may give you lots of inspiration. It's all about what YOU can come up with and where YOU can take it. And I KNOW you can do it....because I did, with no coaching, conception of the business world, training, and little mentoring. If I did it, others surely can because I'll be the first to say, I was clueless and am no genius! You girls are WAAAY beyond where I started out already. ;-)

Marica Zammit

Thanks Brenda - I just saw your email. Thanks for such a detailed reply here too.

OK then I think I'm ready for this :-)

Have already started to do some research. I think I'll create a WORD document with all these valuable nuggets of info that you're providing, just so I have everything in one place. (i.e. info from the Creative group and from your blog)

Micheale Collie

Thanks for all the information, Brenda! I have my blog up and am writing every couple of days, but have to say I'm feeling overwhelmed since I'm too much of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants jewelry "designer." I have a kernel of an idea for my line, hope I can develop it before Jan 8th!

Dawn Gaye

B'sue and all:
I normally do either OOAK pieces as the muse moves me, or I "take another's dream and make it real for them"; in other words, I do commission work with as much or little input from a customer as they wish. I have never had the discipline to create a "line" or any type of cohesive body of work. I am making a huge life change (at 62!!) and need to corral my art-work habits somewhat. okay. a lot. I am new to blogging, awful at websites, and depend on word-of-mouth for my business... all that must change. So i think this challenge will help mold me into shape for what my next steps must be to make a living! I am looking forward to the learning.
All input, feedback, suggestions appreciated.

Alexandra Sefton

Brenda Sue--your post really helped me--I am unused to thinking about what people want the way you do. It's as if I have to unwrap and re-wrap my brain! But I'm very excited and love my last order from you tho it wasn't specifically for the Challenge, and fell in love with more stuff and will be placing another order tonite or Monday.
Anyway--I'm with DawnGaye--66 and not good at computer stuff but by hook or by crook, I will get there!!
Can't thank you enough for giving us this FANTASTIC chance! <3

Catherine Shattuck

Superb blog as usual! Thank you, Brenda!

Handmade Jewelry

Again great jewelry and stunning photos, I just adore your website !

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