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January 22, 2015


Pamela Anger

Wonderful post, Brenda! I'm so excited to be doing this Challenge, and thank you so much for the opportunity to be here. Your support and encouragement is very much appreciated, and your sharing of your knowledge is invaluable. :)

Marica Zammit

Very inspiring post. I'm so excited to be in this challenge! Could barely sleep thinking of the blog hop today lol

Thank you SO much for the opportunity Brenda. The challenge has only just started but I've already learned so much from you.

I feel I'm more focused already and that's wonderful.

Off to have some breakfast and then it's blog hopping time. Weeeeeeeeee! :-)

Lynda O'Mara

Wow! I you've had such an interesting journey to your success. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to learn from you on our journey. I know that I'm already a better designer from knowing you! And, you make things fun!

Sandie Ballard

I found the comment section! Great post! Thank you!

Ingrid Anderson

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and experience. You hit the nail on the head(at least for me)in your first few sentences!
Very excited to be a part of this!

Robin Kae Reed

Good 1st Blog Hop of the Build A line Challenge Brenda!!! You are flat out AMAZING!!! I really love seeing all of the beautiful designs you have created. This challenge is really making me think and I really appreciate it!!! Wonderful post! Be Blessed!

Melissa Latimer

Thank you so much for all of your hard work wrangling us! This is above and beyond the call of duty!

Elizabeth Hildreth

Thank you for the inspiration! :-)


Beautiful post! I can't think of anyone who would be a better teacher for something like this - I'm sure that this will be invaluable for those who are participating, and I wish that I could've joined in. I'll enjoy seeing everyone's progress, though!


What a great inspirational post, so glad to be a part of this!

Debbie Loveless

You are such an inspiration to all of us . I know these ladies will achieve and succeed beyond their imagination with help and coaching from you. Good luck to all who are involved in this challenge.

Mitzie Crider

Thanks so very much for doing this. The timing was perfect for my 2015 goals, and you have so much wisdom to share.


Brenda even though I'm not entered, I am so thankful to meet you, I feel I know you from watching all your tutorials. Thank you for sharing your creative journey with us and sharing your knowledge to boot! You have made me want to try new techniques, and think out out of the box. I can't wait to blog hop to learn more about these wonderfully talented ladies. This is such a wonderful group of artists and new friends, I feel so privileged to be here. Thank you so much Brenda Sue 😊

Gina Hockett

Very excited and thankful to be part of the group. Thank you for being willing to share your expertise and enthusiasm with us. I feel privileged to part of something this special!

Linzi Alford

Thank you so much Brenda- for this blog challenge and EVERYTHING. You are my inspiration XOX

Jann Tague

Brenda .. thank you for this great experience .. I have already learned so much from you. Jann

Alexandra Sefton

Funny and inspiring blog! I want to thank you now for all the love and excitement you pour into us and the encouragement you share! If it weren't for you, I never would've stepped so far out of my comfort zone. Even though I've temporarily abandoned some of my ideas, what I'm doing for the challenge is completely new to me and very exciting, though I actually have nearly zero idea of how it will come together! I am SOOO grateful for you sharing so much of your expertise and experience, and for the positive and wonderful group of people you have created around you, in which we get to share and bloom! Many blessing to you and your loved ones always. <3<3<3

Cynthia Wainscott

Como siempre mi Amiga que post tan interesante! Like always I enjoy your post. Te quiero agradecer por el esfuerzo desinteresado que pones en este master class, what a wonderful opportunity you have created for all of us, mil gracias, te quiero mucho and let's keep creating great things!

Leila West

Your line is very inspiring. I look forward to learning your methods. Thank you for your time and efforts and I appreciate your free videos and this free class!

Amy Jorgensen - Ameme Designs

Great post! Thanks again for this opportunity - I can't wait to see it through to the end.

Melida boman

Thanks for helping us to explore!

Micheale Collie

What a great blog, Brenda! Thanks for everything you're doing to help, support and guide us, not to mention running this great challenge!! You're the best :)

Tammy Adams

I ready to learn how to focus. I may need a rubber band on my wrist to snap when I start to get distracted. Looking forward to working with you and my classmates on this next step in my creative journey.


You constantly encourage and motivate us! You're a Wonder Woman! Thank You doesn't seem like enough to say, but it comes from the heart.

Susan Ferrell Bowerman

Brenda, I cannot thank you enough for this rare opportunity. This class has already exceeded my wildest expectations. Thank you for all of the heart and energy you've put into this. It is a wonderful gift to all of us.


Thank you not just for hosting all three hops but for helping all of us find our voice within our design styles. For helping us develop a cohesive look and brand. For being our Mentor and friend.

Leila Belcher

Thanks again for the opportunity. I'm loving this hop so far!ih

Kimberly Castner

Finally got to read your intro to the blog hop and have to say that it makes me want to keep on "hopping". Great job and you are already a very good teacher as I've learned a lot from your videos. I am going to get through as many as I can today then keep on "hopping". Thanks again for your great videos.


thanks so much for leading us on this journey

Carole Carlson

Thanks for putting this together. I have already learned quite a bit, and we are only at the beginning!

Patt Wuest

Very inspiring

Elizabeth Owens

Hi Brenda!
Working my way up backwards theough the hop ;) As per usual - full of inspiration ! Thanks for the video! Cannot tell you how much fun I am having with this and how pumped I am to take my up to the next level by soaking up every tidbit and morsel you share with us!!

~We LOVE you!! Thanks A ZIL!!

xo Liz


Thank you Brenda Sue for all the work your putting into this Challenge. Thank you for choosing me to participate. It's great to meet my Challenge mates and see what beauty they are creating.

Jan Peters

Brenda Sue-you have become a mentor to us all. Such a wonderful gift you are sharing with your words of encouragement and knowledge.

diane lee

Brenda Sue, this was a fantastic, inspiring blog, I loved it. I look forward to learning "vicariously" through your participants.....you are one of the most encouraging and accessible artists I've ever known (without personally knowing you lol), which makes you an angel who walks among us :) Now, I will state one thing here, I don't know if others have this problem, but, I am one of those aspiring artists who has a very eclectic sense of taste & style....I love (and create) different styles all the time, nothing is identifiable as "oh, yeah, that's diane's " (also in many different media)....I am always experimenting and evolving. Consequently, I also feel like I am "bouncing off the walls" with a flood of ideas to create things, all different and "unrelated" (in jewelry designs)......So, I look forward to seeing others' progress here, and how they might solve this type of issue. Many thanks for being a wonderful mentor to artists all over the world......~peace.

Gail Schmidt

Wonderful post! Your generous spirit and willingness to share shines through. I wish I was further along in my learning to create jewelry to join all the lovely and talented ladies who joined you in the challenge. Now I'm off to follow the blog hop trail. Better late than never! :)

kristy le trendy jewelry designs

Brenda Sue words can never express how much I admire you and the hard road you had to travel to get were you are today I want to thank you for sharing that journey with us and teaching use they way to go. Brenda Sue you are my muse and I love your generous spirit and this challenge brought to use by you. XOXO!


Thank you for sharing your story and your generous teaching. I didn't know you had a line with engraved heart. This encourages me a lot as I also use this technique in my line though our inspiration sources are different.

Nike Bottalico

Inspiring blog and class!!! Thank you!


This is an awesome blog post just full of inspiration!! I truly love this life of creating timeless and amazing jewels!! Thank you so much for pushing dreams forward to come true!! Always Grateful Louise

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