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February 19, 2015


Melissa Latimer

Thank you, Brenda Sue! Wonderful post, and the photographs are gorgeous!

Sandie Ballard

Hi B'sue: great blog post! Thanks


As always you are an inspiration Brenda Sue.

Nadine Edris

And we are off and running again! Great post and lots of yummy pictures!

Susan ~Killam Creative

This is great, Brenda Sue. I'm definitely sending my blog readers to you for the best explanation of the last month! Thanks for guiding us. :)


Kat BM

woo hoo let the fun begin!!

Marica Zammit

OMG my wee ostrich poster got featured! lol Made me laugh when I suddenly saw it haha

Another great post Brenda Sue! Summarizes beautifully what we've been discussing and working on. And I got a bit of an aha moment reading it too!

I love love all of the gorgeous jewelry you showed here.

Off to run some errands and then it will be hopping time.

Thank you for doing such an amazing masterclass!

Janet Calardo

A great post with so much info. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us. Yes definitely think taking notes is a great idea. Love all the things you added with links.

Alexandra Sefton

Wowie--I just LOVE how you explain things in general, and the pyramid in particular. Every time I read it, it makes more sense! And I really enjoyed all the pictures as examples of what you were saying. You're such a good writer! I can't thank you enough for wanting to offer this class--if I never got another thing out of it, it would be that I was scared to try but signed up anyway. And baby--I have already gotten so much more out of the class that is so very valuable to me, but hard to describe. You are a special angel placed here by the Lord and you surely are magnifying your calling! Just please don't float away yet! You have such a gift for gathering people, encouraging them while saying it like it is, and uplifting people's spirits. You know that one sock that is always in the road--well you're rocking our socks off and they're flying everywhere! LOL.....<3<3<3
Que Dios te bendiga.

Susan Bowerman

You are our sweet, smart,incredibly gifted, red-headed "spark plug," our catalyst of creativity, our mentor, and friend. What you have taught us in a month is incredible. We cannot thank you enough. I'm seriously thinking, after a month with you, my college education was less than stellar. Your style, grace, and passion exceeds that of my most cherished professors. Well done, my friend. Very well done, indeed! xoxoxo

Judy King

Chief design a line inspirational motivational guru! Your passion for jewelry design, sharing and teaching is unmistakable. Your passion for people is overwhelming! XOXO

Ingrid Anderson~Lilis Gems

Thank you so much for this. Great recap that really clarifies things! Lovely jewelry as always!~Ingrid

Elizabeth Hildreth

Wow!! Thank you so much for the shout-out! Great post. :-) ~Elizabeth

Maria Clark

Brenda, your posts are always so thoughtful and cock full of info and pictures. Inspiring.

Renee Hong

Wonderful pictures and ideas, as always! Thank you so much B'sue for all that you do.

Nike Bottalico

what a wonderful blog & class! you share some great information for us to think on and learn from. wonderful pictures and thanks so much for all you do!

kristy le trendy jewelry designs

Brenda Sue this journey has been amazing and i learning so much from you and everyone. Brenda you are my Muse. I have always been a huge fan of your jewelry. Words could never express how much you have changed my creative process, broadened my mind and given me this wonderful Challenge to learn by. Love you Bunches sweeet lady and I can't wait to see you in May. XOXO!

Pamela Anger

Wonderful post and photos, Brenda Sue! Thank you for all of your guidance and patience with us as we learn more about jewelry lines, and ourselves! <3

Robin Kae Reed

Wonderful post Brenda!!! I love your statement pieces and then of course your WOW pieces!!! You have an amazing talent!!! I really appreciate being able to do this class and Thank you so much for teaching it!!!

Tammy Adams

This was a great summary of all the discussions that have been going on in the class. I've always tended to make more earrings than other types of jewelry, but I hadn't previously thought of them as being the base of a pyramid. Nor did I try tying them to bracelets or necklaces by repeating elements like colors or components, except on rare occasions when I made sets. After my BALC line is complete, I think I can take a fresh look at my other designs and see which I can build upon or from for other lines.

Carole Carlson

I've learned so much from this class, but the most important thing that's happened is that I have just done it. Knowledge is one thing. Making things happen is another. Thanks for doing this.


Thanks so much for hosting not just the hops but the class as well!
Even I managed an aha moment :) It's been a blast so far and I'm truly looking forward to what this next months class brings!

Teresa Schurter

Marvelous summation, you can't repeat it enough, it took me the last seven weeks to finally get it, so you haven't wasted a single word. Tonight I find your pictures are even more inspiring, seeing these pieces in such clear close-ups makes them even more beautiful. Especially the last one w/ the pink roses. I'd swear that was a Haskell piece from your collection. Your amazing & so are your designs. Thanks for all your time. I'm so glad you took the time to design some pieces too, if you hadn't I don't think I'd have ever really understood what you've been saying.

gloria allen

Excellent post, and although you are the greatest teach with a wealth of information, I hope you too have gained some insights you didn't know about. I love the fact there is always something new to learn and the support, and knowledge base in this class is awesome. Thank u so much for being its sponser.

Lynda O'Mara

Brenda- I am so glad that I decided to do this challenge. I am learning so much and even making new friends, near and far. This is one of the best things I've done and am really enjoying this journey...even when I'm up until 1:00 a.m. to finish my blog!


As always you are insightful, thoughtful and generous with your knowledge. The team is lucky to have you. I do love the idea of a visual fashion board on Pinterest. I need to give that some consideration.


Once again, giving us all advice-but making sure we can all go our own way in this challenge. I think that is the best thing you have given us. It makes us think about our process and ourselves, and by the end I think we will all be better jewelry artist's and designers than before.

Mitzie Crider

Thank you for doing this for us. We really appreciate it. Lovely pieces!

Amy J

Great post - the visual explanation of the pyramid really helped me, even at this point in the game. Thanks again for doing this Challenge, Brenda! My designing and marketing will never be the same :)

Vonda Stephenson

Great blog post, Brenda. All of those in the BALC have benefited from your experiences and expertise, but the rest of us are benefiting as well. I appreciate the wealth of information you have shared. It has been interesting seeing how the BALC participants have grown as they have designed their new lines. I will look forward to seeing your new line too, Brenda.

Linzi Alford

Thank you , as ever for the encouragement, information and the education that this challenge is affording to all of us participants, we are all growing and blooming like flowers as a result of your nurture XOX

Cynthia Wainscott

Mi amiga linda I Have Read your post twice and printed it, you always without knowing know exactly what I need to hear, you are full of knowledge and you are so selfless that you are willing to share it with us, te quiero mucho mi Amiga, gracias por tu apoyo incondicional


We are well on our way thanks to you Brenda Sue.

Elizabeth Owens

Hi B'Sue~
Great post! So comprehensive and well explained.All your necklaces are beautiful statement pieces- for sure! Thank you so much for offering us such aq great oppotunity to improve our business and further our brands! you are the best!
See you in class!


I love all of your pieces! Thank you for providing to me an opportunity to grow as an artist, designer, and business person.


Ms. Brenda when I become an awesome jewelry designer I'm going to make amazing jewelry pieces just like you!! Thank you for these priceless lessons this information is just so valuable to creating a successful jewelry design line. Always Grateful Louise

Gina Hockett

Don't know how I missed this last month, but your explanation of the pyramid makes so much sense! Great post, and have learned so much thanks to your expert tutelage. I will never stop admiring your handiwork, both in words and in pictures. Thank you, our fearless leader!!

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