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March 31, 2015


Lori Beekman

An excellent choice! I'm really glad I wasn't a judge... So much talent in this group. I'm really impressed with everyone that finished. And thank you, Brenda, for leading us. Congratulations Susan! You totally earned it. And Elizabeth, congrats to you, too!

Nike Bottalico

Congratulations Susan, your work is Amazing! Congrats to Elizabeth! Congrats to Leila, Marica and Pamela! What an experience and well deserved for all of you! I am so grateful to have been a part of this group! Thanks Brenda!! xoxoxo

Carole Carlson

Brenda, thanks for hosting this masterclass. It was a wonderful experience and has really helped me focus.

Carole (Beadsophisticate)

Deb Beechy

Congrats to all the winners of the BALC. All of you ladies were winners!


Congrats Ladies!
I'm proud of all of you!

Renee Hong

Congratulations, Elizabeth and Susan! I was also very impressed with Susan's great looking and easy-to-wear line. I could totally see flying off the shelves of boutiques.

Jann Tague

Congrats to Susan for your most deserving win, you hit a homerun and to Elizabeth wow you lucky lady congrats on your random win .. everyone did a great job and in my book you are all winners .. Thank you to Ms. Brenda our leader without her where would we be .. your the best .. xoxo


Congratulations Susan, very well deserved.

Tommee Caldwell

Congratulations, Susan. Your new line is truly beautiful and Brenda Sue and the others were right on when deciding you really challenged yourself to change your style and learn new skills. Beautiful job.

Sue Shade

Congratulations Susan, I love your line. All of you who particpated in the BALC are winners to me. You all went beyond where I was willing to reach at the time. I wish you all wonderful success in selling your new lines.

Marcia Tuzzolino

Thank you, Brenda, for your guidance, and sharing all your knowledge and expertise during this process. Everyone did such a great job and I'm SO proud of everyone, too!!
Susan, congratulations!! You certainly deserve this win. I love your new line!!
Elizabeth, your line is bohemian pretty. Congratulations on winning the random drawing!!

Stephanie Godley

Congratulations Susan. Beautiful work!


Woo hoooo I'm screaming oh yeah for all of the above mentioned phenomenal artist and for all of the BALC participants!!! Go Susan go! I am so thrilled for you Elizabeth!! Oh yes we did it!!! Thank you so much classmates you are just the very best for sure. Thank you so, so much Ms. Brenda for the adventure of a life time. You have truly made one of my dreams come true and I am outside of thrilled I'm just elated!!! Always Grateful Louise!!!!!

Sheila Cowles

I would just like to say that I am a proud member of the B'Sue creative group! I say that everyday is a pleasure being part of this group. We are all close knit and learn every day from not only Brenda our mentor and teacher but from each other! Congrats to all of you who participated in the build a line challenge. Congratulations to the winning participants you all did an amazing job, and I believe each of us is proud to call you and friend and teammate. I learn from y'all every day!

Patty Kruger

CONGRATULATIONS, SUSAN AND ELIZABETH!!!! Susan, your award is so deserved,...I noticed as I read thru the posts and reveals that ALL ENTRANTS worked extremely hard and produced FABULOUS WORK!!! I ADMIRE ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR TENACITY!!! But, I, also, noticed that Susan's line was "DIFFERENT,..." That is why she won, in my mind! She really did "STEP OUTSIDE THE BOX," and as an Artist, I appreciate that so much. It is what draws buyers in, in my opinion. KUDOS TO ALL!!! THIS HAD TO BE A REAL TEST FOR ALL OF YOU!!!! I only hope some day to be able to equal your work ethic and excellence! ~Patty Kruger

Lee Koopman

I am so happy for Susan and Elizabeth both. This had to be such a grueling effort, to choose one from so many beautiful lines. It has been such a great experience for all of us and I know that all of us share their joy as they read this. What a great group! What an exhilarating experience! What talent was shared!

Jennifer Merrill Williams

Congratulations, Susan and Elizabeth! It is inspiring to see your lines - and the other three featured lines - were highlighted here! You are all attaining goals to which I am still traveling. It is good to see those who are further down the path doing so well. I look forward to seeing more of all of our Challenge Alumni's work!

Gina Hockett

Congratulations to Susan and Elizabeth! Well-deserved wins! Thank you Brenda and all the BALC Classmates from which I learned so much!

Elizabeth Hildreth

Congratulations Susan! And thank you so much for this awesome opportunity Brenda and for my drawing win. I saw so many great lines. The choice must have been really difficult. :-) ~Elizabeth

Vonda Stephenson

Woo Hoo! Congratulations to Susan! Susan really did an excellent job! I have loved her line from the very beginning. Congratulations to Elizabeth and all of the other BALC participants also. You all did a lot of hard work. Thank you, Brenda, for the time and energy you put into teaching this master class.

Irene Hoffman

What great news and congratulations Susan. Your line is sheer perfection. Mixed metals is a big fave of mine. Congrats Elizabeth on being the random drawing winner. I can't say enough about all you ladies that participated in the BALC. Congrats, you are all winners and created some of the most beautiful jewelry. And Brenda sharing your knowledge was the biggest gift. I learned several things myself and a big thank you for that. Bravo ladies!!

Marica Zammit

Woohoo! Congratulations Susan. You did it! :-) That is so awesome.

I'm so happy Susan won. Her line was/is one of my favorites too.

And Elizabeth, way to go! Your line is gorgeous!

Thank you Brenda Sue for the amazing opportunity. You're the best!

Micheale Collie

Congratulations, Susan!!! Your line is gorgeous and one of my favorites, too! I'm so happy for you. Yay, Elizabeth for winning the random drawing! Lucky you! Your line is beautiful.

Thanks Brenda, again, for this wonderful opportunity! Your generosity of spirit, of sharing what you've learned the hard way, and in supporting us as we worked through the BALC was second to none. You're amazing!!

Alexandra Sefton

Major congratulations to Susan and Elizabeth and all others!!!! And especially to Brenda!! The win is SO well deserved! I'm very happy for all of us--and relieved, LOL!!! Now to continue on this great journey with new friends, and keep on loving what we do! Hooray to all of us! <3<3<3


Congratulations to Susan, your line was stunning! Congratulations to Elizabeth and all the BALC participants. I enjoyed your blogs, your photos and was inspired by all of you. Brenda Sue, thank you for all you do for us here at the Creative Group. Continued success to everyone!


Wow, Congratulations, Susan!! Do you believe this?? This is happy news for you and your sister. :)

Catherine S.

Elizabeth Owens

WOO HOO!! Congratulations Susan, Elizabeth, Leila, Pam, and Marcia!!

Amy J

Congrats, Susan and Elizabeth! Wonderful work and growth from both of you! I can't wait to see what you do next!

Fran Craig Sitton

This was a great learning opportunity for all of us on the outside peering through the looking glass into this wonderland of artistry. Congrats to Susan and Elizabeth! I would hope that all will keep up their blogs and give us an opportunity to steer our friends outside of the creative group to buy from you as our validation of all your efforts. I know I have my eye on several pieces that I would like for myself or for presents for friends or family. SIGNED, of course, by their creators, because all great works of art need the signature to add to their value. Thanks to all who participated!

Gloria Borrero

Oh my goodness. I am wanting to look at all of these, over and over again. Leila's color choices are fantastic. Did she use Alcohol Inks? Pamela's creations are just that, creative!! My husband has been making some Poly Clay Cabs and Flowers, lots of beads, etc, so I can incorporate them in my jewelry making. Thanks to Pamela, for reaffirming that the gorgeous Metals and Poly Clay, are a perfect marriage. Susan's creations were the icing on the cake. I am so happy that I have placed my small order from you, and my next will certainly include some of the Rose Ox. Her creations take my breath away!!! Finally, Toby looks great with the pearls. Thanks for letting us in.

Diana Redlin

What a challenge! I read everyone's blogs and they have helped me so much. I was on the outside looking in, so thank you to all of you for sharing what this class was about. And congratulations to everyone's beautiful creations.

Brenda Sue I am so glad you allowed me to be a part of the challenge too, (sort of a fly on the wall). I especially learned that, for me, a lot of it is focus and then an extra dose of focus on top!
The blogs were so fascinating. It was amazing to watch creations being brought to light, and the thinking that went into each students pieces.
I did make necklaces that were thrilling but what happened when I tried to make bracelets and earrings was....not to thrilling. I sat with parts all around me. I could look at the two necklaces and just.....nothing. But I continued to sit and look and I looked some more and I'm still looking!
I also spent some time just walking away, almost crying with frustration. But the necklaces I think are really cool and I'll just keep looking until that inspiration hits me in the gut so I can finish my own little line.
Thanks so much to all of you.
All the best,


Congratulations to all the winners. Seeing the pictures of the lines, I can see the power of creating lines. This really blew my mind. It totally changed what I had been thinking about my one-of-a-kind jewelry. It's really a time to change. Thank you Brenda for hosting this and including me in the challenge.

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