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March 19, 2015


Susan Bowerman

Brenda, thank you for this amazing opportunity. None of us had a clue when we sent that first email to be part of the BALC that the experience would provide us with so much creative fuel. I appreciate the inspiration and your total commitment to us every step of the way. I thank you for being our mentor and friend! And yes, I'd love to do this again! Big hugs, my friend. You rocked this!

Lee Koopman

This has been such a great experience, not only in learning but in self exploration. It's opened up a whole new world for me. The opportunity is much appreciated. And what a great group of ladies!

Marica Zammit

What an amazing journey it's been! And what an inspiration you are.

THANK YOU for giving us all this wonderful opportunity to learn and grow artistically. I still can't believe that I actually did it. Woohoo! I'm so happy with how my line has taken shape.

And it's all because of your teachings and guidance during the past 3 months. You are a one of a kind mentor and teacher.

We should have all gotten graduation hats because I feel like I've just graduated! haha

Thank you from the bottom of my heart B'sue!

Marica xx

Ingrid Anderson~Lilis Gems

Thank you so much for your guidance and dedication! I have learned a great deal through this journey. You are a true inspiration!
The entire experience was for me enjoyable. I will miss it!

Thanks again! You're the best!!!

Susan ~ Killam Creative

Thank you Brenda. I'm so glad for the opportunity to go through this challenge. I appreciate all the time and heart you put into it. I am a better artist for the experience!



I usually like to save the hostess for last on my hops, it's kind of like getting that hug before you're out the door. But this time I'd like to start the hop with you first. You've really kept me "hopping" for the last couple of months even on those days I felt like slacking. Now it's time to start implementing all we've learned with you. This challenge, this Master Class has made a difference and I would like very much to thank you for that!


Micheale Collie

Thank you Brenda for taking a chance on a novice like me! Since I joined the Creative Group, I've felt your support in many ways, but especially during the Challenge. Your guidance, gently nudging me when I need it, unflagging support for the group and direction have helped make this an amazing learning experience for me. I still have a great deal to learn, but now I have direction and a sense of purpose. Thank you. ((HUGS))

kristy leTrendy Jewelry Desings

Thank you Brenda Sue from the bottom of my heart for bring this spectacular challenge event to us. Brenda Sue you are my muse and I have learned so much from you and you are a true treasure finer than any jewel. Love you bunches always and I can't wait to see you all in May.

Cindy Peterson

Thank you Brenda and I will be printing out the class notes for reference. I learned so much and you are a great Mentor. I am so glad I found your videos 3 yrs ago. And Brenda it is imitation simulated (got it) not faux. Thanks for the history lessons on vintage jewelry.

To all of the artists who took on this challenge I am so honored to be apart of this amazing group of strong creative women. I am so impressed with in this group all the creativity. in this group.
We even talked about pyramids for pricing, how do gift wrap the jewelry for the customer, jewelry tags. And Lori O loved all your questions they were good and made me think.

Cynthia Wainscott

Mi amiga linda tu eres una maravilla! Tienes
Tanto talento y siempre estas dispuesta a ayudar, muchas gracias por tu dedicación y porque siempre estas buscando la manera de ayudarnos y dándonos pequeños empujocitos. Thank you for this
Amazing oportunity to pick your Brain the past months and i know that many Will Take you teachings and do wonderful things!! Xoxox

Pamela Anger, Novegatti Designs

Thank you so much, Brenda Sue, for the opportunity to join a wonderful class! It's been an amazing journey during the past three months, and I've learned so much about not only lines, but myself and my ideas. Your dedication to and patience with us has been has been limitless, and this experience is something I'll always keep with me. I appreciate the support of you and all of my fellow classmates during this fantastic voyage! <3

Erin Whitacre

We all made it! Thank you so much for taking this on and for leading the way!

Renee Hong

Thank you, Brenda Sue for your generosity, kindness, wisdom, inspiration, example and encouragement!

Robin Kae Reed

Brenda you have done a huge favor for all of us!!! You lead and guided and taught and held our hands and patted us on the back and really worked very very hard to make this the class of a lifetime!!! I can't tell you how much i appreciate it! i am very happy with our new line and i hope you will look at our new boutique when you go to the website!!! Be Blessed!!!

Lynda O'Mara

Brenda--Thank you so much for being the amazing woman that you are and for creating this amazing community of artists. This challenge/class was one of the most valuable things I've ever done and I'm so excited for myself and everyone else involved.

I now have a cohesive line and so many more ideas. I am definitely thinking differently about my jewelry business (yes, I'm calling it a business now) than I did three months ago.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I'm so excited about the future for you and for us!

Gina Hockett

When we started this class, I thought I had a clear idea of where and how I was going with my jewelry. The direction has changed a little....for the better. You are the vehicle of direction, support, knowledge, and motivation that changed the destination, and for that I am so grateful. Thank you, Brenda. Without you this group of artists wouldn't have come together to affect all of us so deeply. A price cannot be put upon the sharing of ideas and knowledge by everyone, and what we took away from it. I am very excited!

Tammy Adams

Thank you so much for accepting my proposal and letting me join the class. I can't say that my cognitive recalibration process is 100% complete, but I do believe I now see the value in making variations of my designs as a way to develop a cohesive look as an artist. My head is still full of so much information I haven't yet had time to assimilate. But I feel like I had the breakthrough moment that will let me move forward. Thank you, dear Brenda.

amy j

Thanks again for this wonderful opportunity! It's been fun and informative!

Leila West

It's been a fun ride. Thank you for organizing this challenge, I have learned quite a bit and plan to use the information to grow my business.

Jann Tague

Brenda .. you are the BEST .. I am such a lucky lady to know you .. thank you for your friendship, talent,skills, support & I could go on and on .. This class was so valuable to me .. I learned so much and I will continue to move forward not only with this line but others .. I am hoping I see more sea components at B'sue they are my favorite .. my next adventure is to hopefully open a ETSY store, I'm a little nervous about this .. who know why .. I guess it's out of my comfort zone .. LOL <3

Mitzie Crider

Thanks so much for all you've done for us. We've grown a lot, and all your time, concern, attention mean the world to us.

Maria Clark

So inspiring Brenda. The challenge was a great experience and the learning lasting. I appreciated following along and stretching. The articles and thought provoking ideas and discussion you engaged us in were really great. I know this took a lot of commitment and time so I appreciate that very much.

Chi Sky

Brenda, this has been an amazing journey to follow. Your expertise and guidance has shown in the dedication of these women. I applaud you for the time and effort you put into your mentoring. The talent and creativity of the participants is outstanding. I have no doubt that success will follow them as they continue their lines. The knowledge you share with all of us is beyond measure and I thank you so much for all you do. Congratulations on a superb outcome for everyone! Xo

Kat BM

I just want to thank you for all the hard work and encouragement you have given to all of us the last 3 months


Thanks so much, Brenda, for sharing your abundant knowledge of the jewelry making business. You've given us so much direction to help us move forward. Tammy Adam's illustration is very well done and helps me to understand the "line" and "collection" collection much better. The discussion on pricing was immeasurably helpful along with the use of the pricing pyramid. Very well done!

Your blogs are always so enjoyable to read!

Much love to you and the B'Sue Boutiques gang!

Catherine Shattuck

Teresa Schurter

Brenda, Thank You for the time and work you've invested in teaching us what you've spent a lifetime to learn. It was wonderful seeing that What YOU knew instinctively to share with us was confirmed by the industry we want to enter. The insights, threads and all of the questions & answers have been the basic building blocks that will form the foundation that I plan to build on for many years in the future.

Debbie Loveless

Brenda, Your guidance has helped these participants to produce beautiful lines of jewelry. As looking through the blogs I can tell They Paid Attention !! I know you are so proud of them as you should be .. YOU DID GOOD GIRL !!

Jeanette B

I finally have time to check out the final hop. I have been looking forward to this all week.

Patt Wuest

Brenda, You have provided so much information and insight to all of us. thank you.

Nike Bottalico

Whoo-hoo! Thank you so much for this class and experience! I loved it and gained so much for my own business! I loved working all the participants and all the different view points! Thank you again and anyone will do well to participate in the class when you offer it again!

Alexandra Sefton

I bet you can Imagine how much I love seeing "my" poster on your blog! Even tho I lived through all of what you were saying by being a class participant, it was interesting how you neatly summarized everything! It's funny--sometimes I think in the past, there was Mama Hen Brenda gathering her chicks, and there we were, some of us floundering in the far reaches of the coop, others snarfing up all the food and making use of it right away--and now we are fledging! We are flying! And it's all due to your AMAZING skills at bringing together people and keeping them on track, enlightening, sharing, laughing with us all, egging us on (couldn't resist that one!), and helping us to become better artists and people because of your great heart! You are one in a zillion and I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO happy to get to know you and to have been in your first class like this! You rock our socks off Brenda! Thank you forever for this amazing experience--and it's still continuing! <3<3<3

Jan Peters

So happy you created this challenge! An opportunity to learn, to grow and to challenge ourselves while you gave us advice, wisdom-and some very apt coaxing to get us out of our self-imposed boxes. I have learned a lot about my creativity and thinking processes I know it would have taken me a long time to recognize on my own-after all the hard knocks along the way! It takes a good teacher to make her students actually think about what they are learning and I believe you have accomplished that with all of us. Thank you Brenda for this opportunity, the results I will carry with me throughout my jewelry adventure.

Jan Peters

Elizabeth Owens

Such a great check point for us all! Really good tostop and regroup~ Thank you so much for this class B'Sue~ Really have learned so much and cannot wait to continue on and watch everyone's further group


Wow! I just finished looking at all the "lines" (sorry ladies, I did not leave comments on individual blogs). I have to say what a fantastic job everyone did. I am so impressed with all the designs - really! I only wish I'd been involved!! What a wonderful experience you all had!

Lori Beekman

Thank you so much, Brenda! I have learned so much from you, and my 'classmates' I finally feel like I am moving the right direction, instead of floundering. It's wonderful.


All I can say is thank you so much Brenda for all your support and inspiration throughout this challenge!

You have been and continue to be the captain of this ship; you have taken us through some rough seas on this voyage, but we forged ahead and it turned out to be a trip worth taking! Without you, none of this would have been possible, so pat yourself on the back!

This truly was an opportunity of a lifetime...and I am glad I jumped on board!


This class has been an amazing experience ~ one I highly recommend for anyone serious about growing their jewelry business.

First & foremost ~ the inspirational leadership of Brenda has been our guiding light on this journey. Her depth of knowledge coupled with deft and expert communication has successfully steered 55+ individual artists - from around the world - through a full curriculum. Her authentic voice is firm and resolute all while allowing her humanity (and humor!) to shine through. No small feat. We may be a bit like herding cats, but this group would follow Brenda through fire. Thank you, Brenda!!

Additionally, the friendships that have formed with so many of the participants has been a blessing. There is so much talent and originality in this group. I'm consistently awed and humbled by their work. Many Thanks for all the support ♥

What a whirlwind this 3-month journey has been... and I wouldn't trade it for the world!


Brenda, I read your blog first but guess that I didn't leave you a comment at that time. I'll try to make up for that now :) As I've said before, this challenge has been an important one for me. I've learned a lot about myself in addition to lots about the jewelry industry. It was interesting and challenging~ a good stretch in a wonderful community of supportive friends. Thanks for leading the way, so generously sharing your experience and expertise. I don't think any of us really knew what we were in for when we jumped into this challenge. And I don't know about you but I'd do it again in a heartbeat!
Hope you are getting rested and ready for some more jewelry adventures with the alumni group!!!!
Thanks again, Nadine

Monica Casady

Thank you, Brenda, for all the time you spent with us. I am truly grateful for the knowledge you shared, and am glad I decided to join in!

Lee Koopman

Apologies for getting to you last. Truly thought I had gone to your blog first but I do not see myself. Hmmm. This class has been SO good for all of us. What a great group we have and you brought us all together and kept us in line. You did a great job of keeping us on task, giving us directions in which to grow and showing us what we needed to do to succeed. When you do this class again, I'll be proud to say I was part of your first class and give you a shining endorsement! Thanks Brenda for taking on this task.


Miss Brenda we made it!! Yes we did!! Thank you so much for creating the YouTube invitation to participate in the Build A Line challenge video, that really helped me to make up my mind to join the challenge. I also have to deeply thank you for also stopping me at the front door when I wanted to repurpose jewelry for this amazing Build A Line Challenge!!! Hahaha you said 'No, no, no Miss Louise that will not do, you will have to create jewelry designs that you can reproduce over and over again as a jewelry line." That was one of the most important life changing requirements that you have truly gifted to me. OMG I started out in this challenge with only 10 B'sue Boutiques componets to my name (that I purchased last year) a bowl full of Spectra beads, my 3 basic Walmart tools, a desired and a dream!! I created the blog two nights before the application was due and just said go for it!!! So here I am one of over 50 students who can say that I was apart of the very first B'sue Boutiques Build A Line Challenge and I created a jewelry line from a desire, a dream and a phenomenal teacher. I was able to complete this challenge because YOU BELIVED Ms. Brenda and I figured that if you believed I could believe it all possible just like you and it happened we did it!! Wooo hoooo!! Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for all of the times that you have enriched my life for the better. I am forever grateful for the gift of you and your amazing team for sure!! Love, love, love all of the time Ms. Brenda I'm a B'sue Boutiques Student for Life!! Always Grateful Louise

Elizabeth Hildreth

So much information!!! Thank you for allowing me to take this journey with you. I've really enjoyed it and learned so much! I appreciate all of the time that you were able to give us by not sleeping for the past 3 months! ;-) ~Elizabeth

Elizabeth Owens

Hi B'Sue~
~Of course I want to say THANK YOU for such a great experience but I also want to say so much more. I really learned a great deal about myself and my own design estetic from you supplying us with a pleather of information and support. Brenda you are truly a very special, very giving woman and if you are ever having a rough day remember how much we all LOVE YOU!!I look forward to watching your future classes and look forward to your book!

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