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April 08, 2015



Thank you for sharing
Cheers Lynn

Nike Bottalico

What an awesome blog! Thank you for sharing!

Lori Beekman

I love the connection. Such a great story. Beautiful jewelry, too.

Pamela Anger

Great blog post, and so nice to hear more about Louise's background! <3

Carol Combs

So very interesting...and era full of rich history worth exploring further. I could tell from following Louise's blog and post she is very much a lady. I too think her line will be very successful if she continues to share her "why", the reason behind her creations. Thank you for shining the light on Louise in this post.

Lee Koopman

Such an interesting time period, a fascinating time when so many changes were taking place. Louise has certainly captured the romance of this period with her beautiful pieces. One can see her identification with this period and her love of the history of her heritage. It shows in her fine work.

Melissa Latimer

Rich and powerful imagery. Beautiful jewelry. I loved reading this!


Thank you so much Ms. Brenda for sharing a part of my B’sue Boutiques “Build A Line Challenge" journey and my jewelry line final designs! My entire jewelry line was created and developed because of this very challenge and for that I am so very excited and grateful!! I was thrilled to just have a reason to bejewel myself and my jewelry line with B’sue Boutiques amazing vintage inspired brass stampings and endless filigree jewels, but most of all I truly appreciate you sharing the legacy of the Harlem Renaissance and its collective contributions to the world of jewelry design! Thank you so very much everyone for your amazing encouragement it has truly meant the world to me! Always Grateful Louise!


Loved this blog, so interesting! so exciting! I love the glamor of it all. I love your jewelry Louise, I think it fits so well, and you are going to do well with this line. My favorite piece is the embroidered collar with your touches, so beautiful! :D


Wow Thank you all so very much for your amazing heartfelt encouragment.Your kind words of inspiration have been the ultimate gift for me! I am forever inspired because of all of you! Always Grateful Louise O'Shileds

Sue Shade

I love Louises jewelry line. I so enjoyed seeing the inspiration that was the basis for her designs. Thanks for sharing this blog.

Marcia Tuzzolino

What a wonderful, rich heritage you had, Louise! Brenda I loved reading this story. I love the inspiration behind your jewelry line, Louise. Your pieces are exquisite. Thanks to both of you for sharing a bit of your lives and inspirations. Loved it!!

Renee Hong

I especially loved this post. I was so intrigued by Louise's choice of theme for her line, and loved what she accomplished. I think there should be a press release somewhere in the heart of NYC...

Alexandra Sefton

I love the "Always a Lady" piece and the story behind it and all Louises's fabulous and glowing pieces. She has such a big heart for all people and is so funny! Would love to hear more stories of the mischief she got into as a kid--because I think she has a mischievious side too! This was a wonderful blog--thanks to Brenda and Louise for telling her story! <3


Louise's story and style knocked my socks off from the very beginning! I'm so glad you chose to shine the spotlight on her for this post. Such a rich period and a story filled with so much love and connections. I wish everyone could hear this story! Thanks for sharing.


I did not grow up in America but I can feel more about how Louise's inspiration from her past after reading Brenda's blog. It's very touching so is the jewelry.


Wow ladies thank you so very much for your collective encouragement, but most of all thank you for sharing with me the awe-inspiring gifts of you! Always Grateful Louise

Teresa Schurter

Louise's jewelry and story are fantastic. I LOVE them. My dad was a huge fan of all jazz & the early blues music, it's what I grew up with. I never thought of the Cotton Club or early jazz musicians as a part of "Black History" but more a part of my own life & music history in general. It's something of a treasured memory -remembered thru my dad- who so enjoyed his memories of the "dancing and romancing" there and at the Savoy, even though we were living in northern Illinois over 25 years later. I totally enjoy seeing her jewelry because it brings all of it back to me.


Thank you for sharing Louise's story. A story which is for me in Scandinavia a story that is quite fascinating, since my story is so far from what she is telling about.

Kate Mulligan

Wow! I believe that her creativity is making History today. The idea for her Line caught my attention at the very start of the challenge. Her unique designs are ripe with history from her life, and her family, and are nourished with the arts, rich cultural influences and much love. To me, her line shouts: Elegance. Beauty. Confidence. Wearing her creations, I believe, would truly make the statement "Always a Lady". Thank you for writing this Blog Brenda Sue! Louise, thank you for sharing so much of your life with all of us!


Ladies I am beyond humbled and so very grateful for the gifts of all of you!! I know that my accomplishments during this Build A Line Challenge is because of the amazing strength and encouragement from all of you. Thank you forever for all of your support! Always Grateful Louise


Beautiful line and beautiful history behind it!

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