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April 15, 2015


Nike Bottalico

Most wonderful post and a well deserved win! I am so glad to read this and will share happily! You Brenda do touch us all!

Jann Tague

what a great tribute to Ms. Susan .. thank you for sharing Ms. Brenda .. hugs to all

Vonda Stephenson

I love this post, because it is filled with so much love. Susan really is 'our friend.' She is such an inspiration to me, as are you, Brenda. Thanks for paying tribute to Susan.

Sue Shade

How wonderful to get to know Susan more. This is a great blog Brenda Sue. You sure know how to lift us up.

Marcia Tuzzolino

What a wonderful tribute to an amazing, spirited woman, whom I'm honored to call a friend. So well written, Brenda. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos and your story, Susan, and Brenda, for writing it!! Love you both!!


Sniff; sniff yippee OMG this is just the picture perfect blog about the ultimate classmate the "Unsinkable Susan!" Wow how good does it get to have such an amazing women honored for her creative talent and her unsinkable heart!! Thank you so much Susan for cheering me along during our entire Build A Line Process, your “Phenomenal Women” attitude truly carried me through! I am sending so much love and unlimited hugs for all that you do. Yes, yes, yes I am thrilled that you nailed the grand prize as the very first B'sue Boutiques “Build A Line Challenge winner your art work is just out standing!! Thank you Ms. B'sue for such an awesome blog! Always Grateful Louise


Chocolate, Coffee and Susan, now that's a wonderful post! <3

Irene Hoffman

What a wonderful blog Brenda. I have only known Susan since I joined the group and I feel as if I've known her all my adult life. I love this lady's friendship, spirit, energy, talent, you name it. She is one fabulous lady. Thanks for sharing Susan's story with us. Big congrats again Susan on the BALC win. Love ya Lady!!

Melissa Latimer

I love Susan. She is an inspiration, and she is hilarious. That is a winning combination in my book.
Thank you for showcasing our dear friend.

Janet Calardo

Louise said it all so well. Sniff sniff for me as well. I appreciate Susan so much for all of her inspiration, humor and love she shared especially through the BALC, all the while having to go through so much in her personal life. I was so glad she shared Sally with us. It makes you want to make the most of each day. Thanks to you Brenda for such a wonderful post and thank you to Susan for being in our lives. Hugs to you both.

Susan ~ Killam Creative

This is fantastic, and so is Susan!


A wonderful post honoring a spectacular person!

Lee Koopman

Really good "portrait" of Susan. We got a cool inside look at her life and times.

Tommee Caldwell

Susan really is a special lady-and so are you Brenda. I love the group that has allowed me not only to learn new techniques, but get to "know" some pretty special people.

Marica Zammit

What a wonderful post and what a wonderful, special lady. I believe that Ms Susan is the original Wonder Woman :-)

Loved reading this. Shhh it got me a little bit teary too.

Deb Beechy

This is great


Enjoyed reading this post about a very special lady, thanks for sharing!


Aww, what a lovely tribute for our dear, Susan. So nice getting to know you even more. LOVE the pic of you, your mom and daughter, just beautiful! Glad your able to enjoy the sunshine. <3
Catherine S.

Susan Bowerman

Brenda, you blew me away with this tribute! Thank you so much for keeping all of us inspired, and for being our friend. When I saw that kitchen towel, I knew the special lady I had to give it to, especially since our alumni class if filled with the most vibrant group of girls ever. Much love to you, dear lady. You made my day! Thank you so much. I can't wait to get this yard in shape so I can add some more mixed metals to my line. Time for a change of color! xoxoxo

Tammie Everly

I had the pleasure of meeting Susan in person about a year ago. We live in the same metro area, but prior to that point we were just cyber acquaintances. She saw I was doing a craft show in her neck of the woods and graciously stopped in to say hello. Even in that short meeting, I can tell you she was just as kind, funny and charming as you imagine she is. What a well deserved post of recognition for a truly nice person. :-D

Maria Clark

Such a nice post about a great on-line friend.

Sherry Russell

Now you've got me sniffing too and I don't mean that in a bad way. What an inspiring woman Susan is and a darn fine artist as well.....

sandy Evans

So many wonderful comments for one who really deserves them. I agree wth all of them. Keep on being the wonderful person you have always been. Love Sandy.

Denise (Joyner) Sutton

Susie rocks! Always has--always will! She is an inspiration to me.


What a wonderful post! Susan is an inspiration with her lovely jewelry and her life. Thank you Brenda for all you do for us. The community you have created supports and inspires. I am so glad to be a part of it. Xoxo

Alexandra Sefton

What a wonderful lady!! So great to read about Susan and AMAZING that she keeps cooking on-=-still full of love and joy! :):)

Kristy Le

What an amazing and heartfelt tribute to our beauty fuel Susan. I've never seen such a giving beautiful person with such a beautiful spirit and soul.Susan has always been an amazing designer and I so happy she won the challenge she so deserved it. I just want to say I love you bunches Susan and I'm proud to call you friend!

Micheale Collie

This is so wonderful and thoughtful. I really got to know Susan during the BALC and am grateful to call her friend. She has great spirit and determination, and is such a wonderful person. I am so happy she won the challenge! Keep cooking on Susan!!

Judy King

So well deserved!!

Jane Wallace

The prize could not have gone to a more deserving person than Susan. The line she created is absolutely beautiful and I wish her well as she continues to build upon it. I have only had the pleasure of chatting with Susan on FB and becoming a friend of hers. I feel so blessed to be able to know someone as wonderful as she is. Thank you for sharing this story about Susan and also it does surprise me that she sent a Thank you gift to you Brenda it suits her personality to do something so kind.


Congratulations sweet lady 😉

Renee Hong

Susan, I didn't know all these things about you. You are always smiling, for sure. I love your garden. That bracelet is spectacular. I am sorry for the passing of your sister, Sally. I know that you made her last days so much better with your visits. You are very inspiring. What a nice surprise box for B'Sue and the gang! Wonderful post, there is so much learning, sharing, love and generosity among the B'sue group! It is truly unique. I'm so proud to be a part of it and know all of you.

Teresa Schurter

Dear Brenda, You all make me smile every day.
Thanks for sharing this story about Susan. She's been an inspiration and a blessing through the whole challenge class time and her spirit of carrying on through the deepest sorrow has really motivated me to just keep on - even if it's only for one more day.
Enjoy your chocolate!

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