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April 06, 2015


Jann Tague

Brenda .. I'm doing my design room also .. still cleaning everything outof that room so we can paint then do tile wood floors and last a work counter and cabnets .. Im so excited .. looking forward to seeing your finished room .. xo

Sue Shade

Brenda this is a great article for helping a beginner get started. I definately recommend they view your video tutorials. Your video tutorials are real and honest. It helps beginners see how to do it and that sometimes little errors occur. I think that is a confidence builder. You carry so many beautiful stampings at the shop that most any style of jewelry maker can find components that will work great.

Looking forward to seeing your workshop make over.

Lori Beekman

This is a great post. I really stumbled through a lot of things trying to figure out where I wanted to "go" I wish I had stepped back and put more thought into it other than "That looks fun!"

Cynthia Wainscott

What a great post my friend! I remember when I started making jewlery in my kitchen just in a little corner I had a extra folding table where I had my things and you were there with me keeping me company while I worked at night! Siempre Estare eternamente agradecida!

Janet Calardo

What a great post for someone new wanting to start out making assemblage type jewelry. I started out watching Brenda's videos and joining her Facebook B'sue Boutiques Creative Group. I followed all the posts and watched the magic of all the artists posting their beautiful creations that they made from B'sue's stampings. I also followed and looked at the designs on the Pinterest pages and on Flickr. It helped me realize what kind of jewelry I wanted to make. I first ordered some necklace and bracelet blanks with some basic items to add to them. I made a wish list on her store website which helps me know the things I like and things I want to try. By the way I love her metal shears they are the best as is her other tools. If you have any questions post them to the group page and you will get many informative responses from the artists. It is the best, most helpful, loving group on FB.


Brenda, this is a great post. Your videos are THE place to start to find out what style you like - and how to build it! The B'Sue Creative Group is an amazing place for inspiration, encouragement and getting a question answered. Your knowledge is a wonderful gift you share with us all. Thank you for all you do. I can't wait to see the new Messy Workshop! Xo

Marica Zammit

Loved reading this! I remember when I first stumbled across your videos and then went on to have a look at the site, that I too felt overwhelmed. So many pretties to choose from!

This is GREAT advice for those just starting out. I'm sure that many will find this post helpful.


Wonderful post Brenda. And I can attest to the nurturing caring of the FB group!

Brenda Sue Lansdowne

WOW, thanks everyone for all the wonderful comments....so glad to be of help and I think we are all having a great time together at the B'sue Boutiques Creative Group! I hope more and more will join us. Great ideas breed MORE great ideas. It is a super place for new jewelry makers because we nurture them.

Teresa Schurter

I'm an absolute newbie too, so I can honestly say -Joining the B'Sue Creative group and shopping at B'Sue's Boutique are the best steps.
Tools of course are a must, instruction is too, but having received all the loving help, care and instructions from the BALC Classroom group, the design team, the Creative group and especially Brenda herself is an awesome and uplifting experience not to be missed.


The best advice I ever had for art in any form is to make/paint/create what you love. If you love earrings, make earrings, if it's bracelets, learn how to create bracelets, necklaces, etc. Expect a learning curve, but don't stop, keep making all kinds of things. I have found all the creative stages I have had in life have helped me in what I create today (painting art work of many types and I am now painting B'Sue metal pieces for my jewelry and love it). I love the journey I am on making jewelry, love the people I meet and create for and with, love that there is so much more to learn every day. Enjoy the journey.

Pamela Anger

Wonderful post, Brenda Sue! Indeed your videos are a wonderful place to start ... watching them can inspire a person to find out what kind of jewelry style they really would enjoy creating. Having such a great selection of goodies at your website makes picking out supplies for any style a breeze, and fun! ;) Joining the Creative Group on facebook is also a great inspiration. Create what you love, and you'll love what you create ..... <3

Carole Carlson

If you go to the B'Sue website, there are helpful videos posted with each category of supplies. For example, if you are interested in brass stampings, click on that category and there you will find a number of videos on what to do with them. If you check out a few on each page, that should give you an idea of what you might like to try first.

Melissa Latimer

Of course the jewelry making is great fun, the videos are awesome, the pieces B'Sue sells are of the finest quality, but what I love most is the group. Almost everyone truly feels like a friend.


The very first stamping piece I made was using the Victorian shoe stamping. It was nothing to sneeze at, but I liked it and I learned from just trying. I've come a long way since then and am continuing to learn. I really enjoy making my own little pieces of art with the Lumiere paints, Guilders paste, and so many other colorizing media. Thank you so much, Brenda, for sharing your vast knowledge. :)

Susan Bowerman

I started making jewelry quite by accident--with a kit, some pliers, and some wire--all spontaneous purchases. They beauty of engaging in this craft is that the sky is the limit as to where one can take it, once the basics are mastered. If a person has a creative heart, the making of jewelry is fuel for the soul and inspiration can be found everywhere. Just give me my favorite tools, some great parts, and a leisurely day tinkering in my studio and all is well with the world.


Totally agree with Susan. I lost interest in learning quickly. I can't learn to play any instrument or sport well. For making jewelry, the passion is always there. I can't believe I love it so much.


You will find Brenda to be one of the most kind funny patient and knowledgeable artists out there, I've made a few boo boos in my posts and she has always dealt kindly and respectfully with me. Also I have to say she's just a hoot on her YouTube vids. It's an easy very fun way to learn knew techniques. So just jump in watch and get inspired by her and all her friends and the amazing things they make. As they say let your imagination take you as far as you want to go. Good luck!

Marcia Tuzzolino

Wonderful post, Brenda. Great answer to the question that was asked of you. Lots of information for not only the newbies, but all of us. Thanks for sharing your expertise, once again.

Renee Hong

B'sue, great article! I tried to comment from my phone and don't think it went through. I just had to chime in to say that I agree about the tools...those are a great place to start and you've got good ones. And if you are just starting out, get the "good stuff" from B'sue...so many of us started out buying cheap stuff from wherever before we found you!

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