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September 24, 2015



So much to learn from these pieces. The oven patina is awesome. Miriam and Company would hire you on the spot. The assemblage is delightful. I'm inspired. Charlotte

Beth Trubman

Everything is amazing, beautiful, unbelievable. I wish I had a smidgen of the talent you have Brenda. Thanks for sharing with us.


Oh wow!!! Your pieces are amazing, as always. The soft, feminine color scheme you used on all pieces is so pretty.

The last piece is a little work of art. So beautiful. I can't stop looking at it. Seed beads and me don't mix very well together lol but those bits of embroidered beads really make the whole thing pop and take it from gorgeous to extraordinary in my opinion.

You've given me some ideas on that wonderful cross filigree. I have quite a few of those. Hmmmm, time to take them out me thinks.

This is going to be one interesting and inspiring blog hop me I think. Will be checking out everyone' blogs later today and over the weekend!

Shari Gardner

All of your pieces are elegant and wonderfully done, as always. I aspire to have your talent one day, I have learned so much from you. Your YouTube videos are an essential part of learning for everyone that makes jewelry, new to it or old, you'll still learn something. The B'Sues Boutique Creative Group on FaceBook has become my new virtual family and everyone that is in the group is learning from each other. I love it, your store, and I'm happy I have made so many new friends.

Teresa Schurter

As always Brenda, your work is extraordinary. How you have the courage to cut up that beautiful brass swag, and end up with something this beautiful is amazing. It's so encouraging to see that with all your experience and expertise you're still learning and challenging yourself. Thank You for your marvelous attitude and the talent you have for encouraging us to follow your example.

Irene Hoffman

These pieces are over the top, drop dead gorgeous. Such a talent and such an inspiration you are to this group Brenda. Thank you.

Debbie Beechy

Wonderful as always, Brenda. You really inspire us!

Karen Eaton

SO FABULOUS!! You are the QUEEN!!!! LOVE each one! I aspire to your assemblage know-how! Thanks for sponsoring this blog hop! What a fun day we'll all have!

Susan Bowerman

I'm in AWE!. I sat down with my coffee, opened your blog, it isn't even six o'clock yet, and I've already learned something this new day! That's pretty spectacular if you ask me. Brenda, your passion flows through every piece you make and you are kind enough to share your rare gift and talent with all of us. Thank you!

Cynthia Wainscott

Mi Amiga linda, pero que preciosidades de diseños!!!!! Of course you came out with amazing designs!!!! I always admire the impeccable wait your work, and your necklaces necklines are to die for!!!!! Thank you so much for this challenge for always wanting to help us to improve. Tienes un corazón de oro y unas manos que crean magia. Te cuento son casi las 4 de la mañana and i edad working in the Studio and finally I'm going to rest with all the amazing creations in going to sleep truly inspired

Ingrid Anderson

Your work is beautiful! I can see the Haskell inspiration but it is definitely done in your own lovely style. Truly amazing and inspiring. Thanks for all you do! Ingrid

Lori Beekman

I'm always just blown away by the pieces you create. They are always sooo amazing. And you manage to create such intricate, beautiful pieces while still guiding thousands of people to become better makers, and all the other jobs you do. Amazing. Always. Thank you so much!


Good Morning!
I love combining beading with wirework and other techniques!
I think my favorite is your first piece or maybe the second, I can't decide. Still sipping my coffee here, too early for decision making ;)
Thank you so much for hostessing another hop! They're always a learning experience and I enjoy that very much!
With that, I'm off and hopping! I can't wait to see what everyone has been up to!
Thanks again!!


Thank you Brenda for your wonderful work and explanation on how you created your pieces. My favorite was the first heart necklace with the cat. It has a feel of old world but it is also modern. I love the mix up. All three of your pieces are beautiful and help me to envision what can be done with them. Thank you for all your hard work and time. Your creative genius is inspiring!


Well, you have done it! You have shown us all how it is done. Such beautiful pieces. I learned something from each of these pieces. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us.

Alexandra Sefton

Wowie, Zowie, HowLowie!!! You did it again--what a style!! I love the wired in beads and can't wait for a vid on that. But what you did in cutting apart my fave leafy piece (I could hardly bring myself to use it in my own pieces cuz I just love staring at it--must order more!) was truly inspirational and inspired. That piece is so lovely and the cup chain dangles give such a nice feel to it. Thank you SO MUCH for this hop. I was grumbling away about it in the beginning, and then I finally realized it pushed me to create things I never would've done except for you! You're one rockin' gal and I love you. <3<3<3


You are a wonderful inspiration! Thank you!

Jann Tague

OMG Brenda .. I'm loving Haskell even more after seeing your Vintage Flair pieces .. they are over the top beautiful ..

Karen Eaton

Yayyy I found where the comment box was! LOL! Absolutely fabulous pieces!! You are an inspiration and your Challenge pieces really highlight your signature style!

Tammy Adams

I really love the dusty rose color palette you worked with. It's very romantic and earthy. I'm also looking forward to your tutorial on using wire for assemblage. I don't play well with glue, but I think I get more into assemblage if I could substitute wire.


Brenda, your blog post was very inspiring and informative. Thank you for telling us how you achieved your designs. The colorization on all the pieces is just perfect! Love your photos, they really show the fine details of your beautiful pieces. These are very definitely your style!

Marcia Tuzzolino

Oh my, Brenda! So happy you made these beautiful pieces to share with us, and as always, they are stunning! I love how you explained your process and am excited to work with you to learn more about this style and how to make it work for teaching your class!! Thanks for sharing yourself with us!!

Pamela Anger & Toby

What absolutely gorgeous pieces, and love your style! I just love them all, but of course I'm just a little partial to the heart necklace with the cat ... so pretty. All of your work is amazing, and thank you for sharing your techniques too! <3

Sue Shade

Gorgeous work Brenda Sue. You are simply a master.

Vonda Stephenson

Brenda, your pieces truly are amazing. You have proven once again that you are the Queen B. I am partial to your first piece. I love the colors and your use of the kitty. Thanks for always being such an inspiration.

Ne Cultice

An amazing adventure and blog, I love how you walked us through the steps. I found myself asking questions, but then I found those questions answered~! I love the filigree on the back, if you don't mind I may try that in the future on one of my own pieces~! Beautiful work Miss Brenda~! xXx

Gillian Cunningham Wright

Wowzers stunning jewellery and thank you for talking us through the design processes.

Lynda O'Mara

Wow!These are amazing. Thanks for including instructions on how you did each one so we can try some for ourselves if we're brave enough!

I love being part of this group and learning from you and the other members. Thank you.

Erin Whitacre

All of your pieces are beautiful! Thank You for always giving us challenges to keep pushing us to create. It means so much!

Renee Hong

Wow, B'sue, these are wonderful! Three! My favorite is the kitty necklace. It is gorgeous! I also love the pink and chocolate of the second necklace; on the last piece the dangling pearl cup chain really catches my eye. All those luscious vintage pearls are amazing. I sure love the earrings that go with your necklaces, too. I guess we were thinking along the same lines doing caging for this blog hop! Thank you for putting this whole blog hop together, I always learn something new when challenged!

kate mulligan

Amazing Brenda Sue! Each piece is an extraordinary work of art. You have such a talent for assembling pieces with the resultant flow of line,symmetry, and color. You are a true Artisan!

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