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October 21, 2015



THANKS for posting, Tammy! I hope everyone enjoys hearing your experiences....I am glad to know your thoughts!

Leslie Schmidt

I loved reading this as much as I loved following all you doing the BALC. I learned a lot vicariously, since having multiple health issues prevents me from making commitments to the group. Wonderful pieces, loved the salamanders from the beginning.

Carole Carlson

I had to laugh at #3. I think we're all a little bit guilty of that!


What a great post Tammy! I think that you've touched on three very important lessons that we all learned during the BALC.

Like you I tend to be quite stubborn and I had your exact same thoughts with regards to Lesson No. 2. How wrong I was. Nowadays, I actually enjoy coming up with a design that I know I can reproduce when it sells. While I still make one of a kind pieces, I also make many other designs which can easily be reproduced. Win/win for all :-)

Enjoyed reading this.

Susan Bowerman

Very well done, Tammy. We all learned so much. One thing that I keep thinking about--especially when I look over my jewelry inventory--is this: Just because you "can" it doesn't mean you "should!" I have several pieces that I truly love, and they have been sincerely admired, but the cost in time, effort, and materials, makes those pieces prohibitively expensive. I had to remove my "hands from my hips," too...more than once! Great read, my friend.


Very well said! I think we all had some ideas we just didn't want to let go of, but boy what a difference it makes when we do!

Marcia Tuzzolino

Wonderful read, Tammy. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I enjoyed the entire process, and did things that I had never done before...like make sketches, write out a plan for my designs, track materials so I could set prices that afforded me an actual profit, and much, much more. I am very excited to be participating in the next BALC challenge, too.


A post well done, Tammy. You shared the most important "trials" we all faced and the lessons learned.

Jann Tague

Tammy .. Great article .. I enjoyed being a participant in the 1st BALC and learned so much from Brenda and others who participated .. Looking forward to BALC #2 ..

Irene Hoffman

Great ralead Tammy. My first BALC is coming up in January and so excited. My eyes will be wide open every step of the way.

Tammy Adams

Thank you, Brenda, for inviting me to your blog. And thanks to everyone for the comments. For those considering the class for the first time, I hope this summary of my experience was helpful. I met such wonderful funny creative people in the virtual classroom. A definite bonus.


Thank you Tammy for the insight. Reading about how much growth you had during BALC is inspiring. Great post!

Dix Cutler

Loved reading thisTammy. Lots f very important points one should keep in mind.

Susan Bolton

Thanks Tammy. The more I hear about BALC the more I know that is where I need to be. Thanks for the insights you shared.

Lyn Reeve

Thanks Tammy you have helped me make my final decision to sign up for the BALC xx

Erica Olmos

Wonderful advice and great insight as to what is coming for us in the class starting in Jan 2016,
Thank you for sharing

Beebs Closet


Tammy! Love your post! It was almost as if I were reading something I would write. Love the advice and love your designs!

Diana Redlin

Thank you Tammy for sharing your experience. I followed along last year and it was so great to see how everyone did and what they chose to focus on.
Your information is so welcome. It makes me want to take the class and I hope to someday-not quite there yet....but you have written this so well it was a pleasure to read. Especially to see how the class changed you and you found what you really wanted to make. And also the focus to make it. If I have one thing I would like to change it would be to learn how to focus and to know when I need a "course correction".

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