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March 31, 2016



Brenda, your line is so luscious! Beautifully done. You are truly an inspiration. Chocolate Hugs. Now where did I hide that Hershey bar?


Brenda, your line is just magnificent! Every piece is so yummy and true to your design aesthetic. It's so amazing that you developed a line, taught the BALC, took care of your business, and still spent time with all of us! How do you do it?! You are truly an inspiration!

Janet Calardo

Wow what a gorgeous line of jewelry! Love the way everything goes together and the different ways you used some of the pieces. Love seeing the glass flowers as bead caps on the choxi filigree beads. All the small details makes this line so interesting. I can't wait to see everyone's completed line.

kristy leTrendy Jewelry Desings

Brenda Sue what an amazing journey your life's work has taken you on, with your incredible son and constant companion our Jordan. What a delicious line of jewelry is is tasty enough to want to eat, just mouth wateringly gorgeous. what a wonderful story and spectacular line of jewelry not I must go visiting the rest. Love you Bunches Always!

Marie Grubbs

Your line is Stunning as I suspected it would be! Love how the chocolate and pinks play off of the rose cabs. The rich milk chocolate plated brass is so yummy.
You haven't lost your magic touch. The school of hard knocks made you a pro, but one with a big heart who is willing to teach, share, and encourage the designer hopefuls in all of us. I hope to be one of your future Design a Line students.
We love you Brenda Sue!

Karen Mansell

Brenda, your new line is just gorgeous!
I really enjoyed reading about your journey
and how you were determined to make
things work. You are such an inspiration
to me.

Mary Lou Guidry

B'Sue ,
I throughly Enjoyed reading Your Blog, Very interesting, motivating & also very inspirational. And Your New Jewelry Line is So Very Gorgeous ! I was very anxiously waiting & wondered what kinds of beautiful creations that you would design....All of Your Jewelry is Even more beautiful then I expected.
I also want to say Thank You for Sharing Your Talent & Knowledge and Positive Thoughts & Generousity with Everyone. Mary Lou Guidry


Beautifully written blog Brenda, with great flow. It reads like a novel and carries the reader along. Your line is fabulous! My fav is the Rosaline. I look forward to watching your line unfold. Thanks for your commitment to us 'kids'. You're a great Teach----> *shiny apple*

Karen Eaton

absolutely WONDERFUL!! It makes me want some chocolate!! LOL! Every piece is just stunning!

Susan Bowerman

Brenda, I never tire of reading your story. I hope you realize how truly gifted you are, how completely inspiring you are, and how many souls have been ignited by your creative generosity. Of course your line is beautiful--everything you make is--but it is not nearly as beautiful as the soul who created it. Years ago, when that little voice inside my head told me to "pay attention" having encountered you for the first time, I listened. I had no idea at that moment how much you would enrich my life. I am so blessed that our paths crossed when they did. You make magic, my friend, at every level! Love you!

Linda Caudle

Beautiful line Brenda and inspirational story. Love how you were able to crave out a living while being able to stay home and raise Jordon.Hard work and a giving heart does pay off and we all know you have that.....love, love, love you new line.

ianke, aka Lady Wizzby

Thank you for being you, I am impressed with the way you share your heart, your soul and your time with the group and of course I am amazed by your designer skills. This line is just YOU, and are so delicious and yummi...just ready to eat. Hope you will succeed in finding what you want with your new line....

Mary Reckmeyer

This class was wonderful! I am so glad I jumped in. what I have learned is invaluable. So much I didnt know I didnt know. Your line.. amazing. Honestly do not know how you find the time in a day to encourage us, run a business, create a line.. Kudos.

Jann Tague

Brenda .. Your line is gorgeous .. I'm in love with each piece .. Xo

Elisabeth Wilks

What a beautiful line Brenda Sue! I really like the necklace with the bow and your earrings are so much fun! Thank you again for all the time, wonderful advice, and your encouraging self leading us in this massive(for me anyway)learning curve. You went through this on your own and now you are helping us get through it! What a gift! You really have inspired me in so many ways.

Gina-Marie Hammer, Tangles, Twists and Treasures

This line is beautiful, Brenda! It's so simple, yet undeniably has your flair. For me, the hardest part is not making all statement pieces. I look at something and think a cameo and a stamping is too simple, and then stuff explodes out of control. Yet, there they are in your line, looking lovely; and I bet when you reproduce them, they won't take long to make. Thanks for sharing all of your experience with us.

Val Tilghman

Just beautiful! I love the " sprinkles" it looks like Ethiopian Opal with all of those yummy colors! I really hope that you find a way to make this line happen. I know that it is time consuming, but being able to be creative is a great way to de-stress from the daily business needs :)

Ingrid Anderson

Absolutely beautiful. The pink with the chocolate is such a wonderful combination. Thanks for sharing your story and for all that you do! Ingrid

Shari Gardner

Well I am having a hard time with words, so really all I can say about your new line is WOW! And most of that made this week? I have been so panicked these last few days, as everything I planned fell apart, but I didn't quit. One thing I have learned from this class is that you are just amazing. You inspire and encourage, and knowledge just flows, and you are truly strong at whatever you do. Thank you for being such a wonderful mentor and friend.

wings and beads

Awesome Saaauce!!!! I told you how you inspire us all, and now its truly wonderful and amazing you inspired yourself a new gorgeous line. Congratulations!

Sharon P

Brenda, what an awesome line. I can't believe you created all those gorgeous pieces in such a short time, you are a dynamo! Thanks for putting up with me during class, I was your problem child this term, lol! I learned so much from you and look forward to being an alumni with more discussions to come. Thanks a bunch. xo

Christine Cravens

I love your new line, Brenda Sue - especially the Chocolate Frosting with Sprinkles parure! Thank you so much for telling us a little more of your story. I really appreciate having had the opportunity to take your class and want to thank you again for everything you have shared with us, the encouragement you share and inspiration you simply just are. Thanks again! Chris

Pamela Anger & Toby, Novegatti Designs

Your line is beautiful, Brenda Sue, and I just love it! You work magic with components and beads and turn them into something spectacular! You really oudid yourself on this line, and I do hope you make time for expanding it. Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself with us, both in the class and groups, and through your business. <3

Catherine S.

WOW!! All just GORGEOUS!!! I was so excited for your line name choices! And it looks like yummy candy and cake!! Fabulous as always, Miss Brenda Sue!! :D

xoxo, Catherine S.


I do love the "chocolate frosting"! What's not to love? That chocolate brass is just beautiful as are your pieces. I'm off to hop around a bit.

Alison Huie

Brenda, you never cease to amaze and inspire me. Your line is delicious. I especially love the rosaline.

Irene Hoffman

Brenda, love your blog post and your new line is amazing. Each piece having your signature touch. You are such an inspiration. xoxo

Marcia Tuzzolino

Brenda, first of all, big thanks for creating the class and for being our teacher, mentor, and muse extraordinaire! You'very really outdone yourself, and shared SO much of yourself and your journey with us! I absolutely love your line...it is just so YOU, and I can't wait to see more of that yummy choxie!!
I am looking forward to seeing your published book/manual, my friend!! ♡


Wow! Brenda what a journey. You are an amazing person and so blessed to have such a wonderful son as Jordan. It must be wonderful to have such support. You both are on the same page and you know what needs to be done. I'm so happy for you. Your jewelry line is absolutely scrumptious! I love that chocolate frosting yum! In all seriousness your jewelry reflects you. Vintage and gorgeous! LOL! I know you will do wonderful with your new line.


These are delicious pieces, Brenda. Truly, I wanted to take a bite. Thank you for sharing your story. And for sharing yourself so generously. Charlotte

Deb Beechy

What a great line and love your names.

Jeanette Belmont

Your line looks delicious! I hope you can find the time to make a go of it and expand. Thank you for hosting this class, it has really helped me chart a future course for my creative endeavors.

Susan Bolton

I'm so scattered these days, I can't believe I didn't write a comment! Your jewelry line is gorgeous and inspiring. And you're right, Choxie looks like milk chocolate. I keep looking for the chocolate insignia. I know what it is like to want to do more than there are hours in the day and decisions have to be made but I do hope that someday you will be able to complete the Sugar Shop idea. It is inspired. I am totally in awe of people who can think of such clever ideas. I chuckle whenever I think of you saying on your videos, "I'm the idea girl", and you certainly are. You inspire me...take care.



I love reading your blog and your line for sure. Seeing your line solidifies what a line is in my mind. I wish someday I could visit you and make jewelry with piles of supplies next to me.

Beth Trubman

OMG Brenda, I read your post 1st when I came home from work on Friday, and I forgot to leave a comment!!!! If I had just one-tenth of one percent of your creativity, I would be ecstatic. Your line is JAW-DROPPING gorgeous. XOXO

Fran Sitton

Your design style is unmistakable. I do not know how you created so many pieces with all you do day-to-day! Remarkable! Thanks for all your support.


I'm suddenly craving chocolate. :) Your pieces have such a sweet, romantic feel that isn't always easy to do, but you make it look effortless. I love the clever connections to confections like sprinkles and frosting; it's amazing how well those cabs play right into the chocolate look. (I can just see them lined up behind a counter as those expensive decorative white chocolate pieces that are too pretty to eat.)

I have appreciated the class greatly, it's shown me so much about myself and what it takes to get a line going and get it out there. It's great to learn from someone who's been there who is actually willing to show us the way. Thank you for taking the time to get us all us ducks quacking our songs and walking in straight lines while still doing all that you do. :)

Erin Whitacre

These pieces are all beautiful. They look just like chocolate frosting! Thank you for sharing your experiences and lessons learned. You always take the time to encourage and keep me motivated and moving in the right direction!

Donna Parry

I thank you for the pleasure of being a member of the Build A Line Challenge!
For me, it is just the beginning, and I feel that i now have a solid foundation to build on.
Your line is wonderful! Yours years of experience shines through it all. I wish you many years of continued success in all that you do.
Much Love, JewelryDonna.

Carole Carlson

The pieces look, well, delicious. Thank you for the class, I learned even more than last time.

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