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October 21, 2017


Harry Wood

An interesting read and so much matches my thinking. Not the I always follow that but to me 3 component is about the limit in my work that has sold. Earrings are my best seller at 18 and 28.00.
Good to read all this thanks.


Thank you so much for your input, Harry Wood ;-)

Alexandra Sefton

Wow--this is a great post! I took and loved the Build a Line Challenge Class and will always be grateful for what I learned, and to know Brenda and all the wonderful beaders. This really sums up the 5 mistakes well--even tho I know them, I don't always do them! I really needed a reminder, esp. since I'll be doing a couple of shows. I love Brenda for her great heart and generosity! And I've spent a lot at Bsue Boutiques! Since I changed into charm things, my best sellers are also earrings and bangles or charm bracelets in the $12-38 range. I am needing to do more of #2 and #4! Thank you Brenda for all this and more! <3<3<3

Diane Lee

Wonderful information, thank you. Complicated stuff made understandable. Peace💜

Carole Carlson

I don't think you can overestimate the importance of point #5. After a period of intense overwork, my office/studio is a shambles, and I can't even begin to think of doing any creative work until it is tidied up.

Jackie Ryan

I enjoyed reading this post, the points you have made are so useful I have taken them onboard and will give more thought to where exactly I am going when I start back up again, thank you for sharing.


What a treat it was to look at what I had written yesterday and see all your positive comments. Sometimes when I blog I wonder if anyone reads the post! I guess I picked a good topic. I am so happy to know that you all find it helpful. For me, it's not all about selling supplies....I also want to share and encourage. Maybe I got that right this time. Thanks again for taking time to comment.

Joyce Bailey

Thank you so much! This was very helpful and gave me important things to think about. I have learned so much from you and your YouTube videos and you made it so delightful and fun. Thanks! I've had such difficulty with pricing, getting conflicting advice from friends and family and tutorials out there. Thanks again...it's great to hear from the voice of experience.


I learned so much from Brenda through the years and the BALC class was the foundation for my jewelry business. Brenda is a wonderful teacher and I love how she is so willing to share with her students. Thank you so much, Brenda, for this post and for everything you do?


I love this post, Brenda. I did very little creating these past 10 months or so, and am back at it, so these reminders are timely. While I did very well with large assemblage necklaces a few years ago, they no longer seem to sell, so I'm no longer making them. I do really well with pieces in the $50-range. The $25 and under goes quickly at this time of year. Sometimes my challenge for the less expensive pieces is to be sure the piece has "my voice."


Really like your stuff. This really helped me to add things into my jewelry business.

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