Stare Down the Stress, Get Rid of the Artistic Funk


For many reasons, my life is stressful "all by itself with nothing extra". LOL  But lately....minor and major irritants abound.
Last week we had to re-do our well.  There's the backhoe in all its glory.  What you don't see are the three tough-looking guys just behind it---working with all their might to bust the pump loose.  It had burnt up and was somehow fried to the casing a few feet down.  So that's why they had to excavate.
Just got everything put back in order, but Thursday night they called for high winds, lots of lightning. They weren't kidding.  What a mess!  Electric lines down all over town, the highway and most of the way to New Springfield, a neighboring town.  I got to sleep in pitch black dark for most of two nights.
There was all of that and yet more bad business last week, a great deal of worry.  I wanted to just curl up in a ball and stay that way. But--I had good light through my bedroom window so I grabbed the bowls from our new bead mixes and got busy.  Why should I let a bad week take my joy?  Time to control my thinking, turn that negative energy around.
I used two of our new bead mixes, Vintage Japanese Silver Pearl, and Black Velvet.
The opalite focal  was in our Etsy shop  and the rest is bead mix--or  findings from B'sue Boutiques   The stone in the big silver stone is kyanite/pyrite, an assembled semi precious stone.  We have them here:
Still have to put a drop of glue on the stretch cord (bracelets) and trim.  Those I'm keeping...but will sell the necklaces.
Later on, Jordan  came and took me to his house for awhile. My son is an avid guitar enthusiast and a good player, too.  He likes to buy/sell/trade as a little side hustle.  ! was surprised at all his newest 'finds' and he let me play one of his acoustic guitars for a little bit.
Jordan and Lauren have two cute cats, Katniss and Finnick.
The point is, there's always something positive you can do to overcome negative thinking.  It can be hard.   When 'stuff' happens in life, everyone needs a little time to process.  But why allow negative self-talk to overcome you?  Do you deserve that?  NO.
I've felt like, why make anything, no one is going to buy it anyway.  Well, if you don't make it and list it, how do you know?
And really, I've sold thousands of pieces of jewelry in my why should I believe what I'm telling myself?  It's a lie.

A lot of people over the years tell me I've made a difference in their lives, that I've been the bright spot, that I'm the one who always has a new idea.  What a compliment! Thank you for letting me know.  It makes me want to try harder! But you can do something for 'me' in return...
Stare the stress down and get busy again.  Blow off the funk.  When people do THAT all those videos I've made were not for nothing.  Sometimes the negative self-talk makes me think they were....worthless.  That's a lie, too.
But seeing you get busy again and CREATE will SHOW me and every other producer of creative content, it was worth it. 
And it will do even more, for your own self-worth.  Sure, it might be hard--but you can do it!


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